Wednesday, January 11, 2012

We Bought A House!

Joking.  We did not buy this house....I wish.  Travis built this house.  It's for sale.  For the amazing price of $2,750,000.  So, I just have to brag for a second....Travis is amazing.  He's the smartest, most hard working man I know.  On top of this house, he's building 7 more.   He started this company with himself and his best friend Chris.  When I had just given birth to twins... talk about stressful.  He has built it from the ground up and he amazes me everyday.  Today, he's off to Montana to meet with an architect for an exciting project he'll be starting soon.  So proud.



Heather Conniff said...

that house is gorgeous, nice work travis - the beams are amazing!!

Jill said...

You should be proud Katie! In time, you will live in a house like that! Miss you!!!