Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sweet Baby V.

My baby is growing up.  She's 16.5 months now.  She's talking more, Mama, dada, baba, hot, hi, bye, bath, belly, etc.  Getting 6 teeth right now.  Loves to be a "big" kid.  Naps like a champ.  Sleeps at night like a champ.  Eats everything.  Still a Mama's girl.  Holds her own around the big kids.  Sits on the potty on a daily basis and I wouldn't be surprised if she's potty trained within the next few months.  (I am totally bragging on this because I deserve it!).  Such a big girl.  And, she's still only 21 pounds.  Still fits into 9 month clothes, but has the biggest feet!  Loves to read.  And really loves her dolls.

The BEST self tanner.

 Go buy them now.  Super easy, no mess, not smelly or streaky.  Amazing.  Perfect for traveling and right in time as your summer tan is probably starting to fade.  They are a self tanner wipe that are really easy to apply and one wipe can get a lot of coverage.  I used one wipe for my face, chest, arms and legs.  You can buy them at Sephora, Amazon or Nordstrom.

Preschool 2011.

 Getting ready to go to school!
 Proud Mama
 I STILL can't believe I gave birth to all these children.  I can't believe I am that old. 
 Backpacks on....ready to go.  BFF
 Proud Daddy.
 Little Country Preschool.

I can't even begin to explain the excitement I had for the twins to begin school.  First off, I LOVE back to school season.  Growing up, I always looked forward  to a new school season and now luckily I get to live vicariously through the twinnies.  Secondly, I get a break, Tues and Thurs from 9-11.  Those mornings are so hectic.  I need to start getting ready at 7am to get everyone fed/dressed and out the door by 8:40am.  It's quite the ordeal.  I am so proud of the twins.  They love school and enjoy going every time.  They love it when I pick them up and they show me their little projects.  It's amazing.  Also, I get 4 hours a week with just Violet. 1 baby!   We run errands or go running.  Anyways, life is getting back to normal.  I am kinda happy to see summer gone.  I like having a routine.  Kelsey, our beloved babysitter, is back to her normal schedule (OMG, did I miss her this summer) She comes in a few days a week, so I can meet with my trainer, go to the gym and have some "me" time. 


Presley started dance class last week.  She loves it.  I just love that she enjoys being involved....because Cash does not.  He's socially awkward, as I like to say.  He's not quite ready for organized activities.  I can't wait until the recital in June.  She's fully equipped with her dance class attire, as we are up our elbows in tutus and tights here in the Gibson house. 

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


So a few months ago, Travis told me I wasn't fun.  Truth is, I probably don't seem fun, but I want to be.  I am just so tired all the time.  I like to go to bed at 9pm.  I LOVE my bed.  I LOVE my shows.   I hate staying out late, because I always suffer the next day, reguardless if I have been drinking.  I feel like I can't drink coffee fast enough in the morning.  So, anyways, back to my "I am no longer any fun anymore", I've been making attempts to be "more" fun.  Last Thursday morning, I thought it'd be a super fun plan to head up to Suncadia and spend the weekend, so we could enjoy this 90 degree weather poolside.  Well, we did it.  We booked 1 bedroom suite with a kitchen and headed up Friday afternoon.  And...we had so much FUN!

 Making smores.

 Playing chess.
 Kiddie pool.

 Room service.

It was the best time!!  We are going to make it our yearly end-of-summer tradition!! 


At the Saturday morning parade during Labor Day weekend!

 Trying to get somesort of a picture with the kiddos.

This picture was taken at the beginning of the parade.  In the first minutes a fire tuck went by and Presley LOST it!  She was a complete mess the entire time, it was quite fun.  However, Cash and Violet enjoyed it. 

Momma's Night Out.

It's been ages since Ali and I got to go out on the town without kids, in fact, it's been since before I got pregnant with the twins.  She came over and we had fun!!

We left at midnight, Travis wasn't feeling so hot!  Btw...i hate going out and staying up past my bedtime.  

The Fair.

Labor Day weekend is kind of a big deal in Ellensburg.  Its fair and rodeo time!  Lots of food, lots of fun and not enough sleep!  We started on Thursday at the fair.....

Standing in line for ride!

 Eating cream cones. 

Fun times.  We went again Sunday......both twins were carried out screaming, kicking and foaming at the mouth.  It would've been a perfect birth control advertisement.