Monday, February 23, 2009

And the Oscar goes to.....

Slumdog Millionaire!!!

Travis and I went and saw this movie yesterday and I am so glad that I did!! It deserved every award it won last night. It is by far one of the better movies I have seen in a long time!


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Ahhh....teething and a cold.

That pretty much sums up the past week at the Gibson house. Both kids have colds and a few more teeth popped up!

Last Tuesday was the twinnies first day of swimming lessons. They had such a great time. It was fun bc I had Presley and Travis has Cash and we all swam together. Presley LOVED it and Cash was a little more reserved. As soon as we got home, the stuffy nose hit both kids, Cash worse than Presley. So, since last Tuesday, it's been lots of sleepless nights, snotty noses, and cranky kids!! mom came over on Saturday to spend some time with the twinnies, so Travis and I had a nice Valentine's dinner at the Valley. It was nice to have some alone time.

I got my hair chopped off today (no pics yet). I love it and Travis loves it. We went for a long walk today and tried out our new stroller, love it!!!

Not too exciting...just hanging around the house since both babies have been sick:((

Friday, February 13, 2009

New Stroller

So, the kids just turned 1 and this is my 4th stroller. Any person with twins knows how important a stroller is. You need your smaller umbrella stroller that you can shop around in and throw in the back of your trunk, and then you need a good jogging stroller. So I first got a different jogging stroller bc I didn't want to spend a ton of money on it, but that is my first mistake. My biggest advice to anyone....spend the money on a good stroller!!!! It's worth every penny. I got the Bob double jogging stroller. So far, so good! Everyone I know that has it, loves it. I got such a good deal on it also. They have tons on sale and free shipping!
**As you can from the pic, Presley is sick of posing in her strollers.

New Playroom.

We kicked Travis out of the house, his office at least (he has his own office up in Cle Elum now), so I made it into the kids's new playroom. Obviously it's a work in progress, but we have all the toys out of the living room. I need to go and get lots of storage shelves and some other little things to make it complete. The desk is now my scrapbooking desk...if I ever get the time. Hopefully now the kids can play, while I work on my crafts...bows, scrapbooks, cards....hee hee! I am totally joking....when they play, I chase after them to make sure that they don't hurt themselves.

Pretty Presley

This was supposed to be her birthday party outfit, but of course it didn't get here until Monday. She seemed so excited to wear it:)

Happy Birthday!

Such good little angels on their birthday. Poor babies have colds and didn't feel like doing any partying.

I've been crafty!

Since little Presley loves her bows, I have decided that I'd get crafty and make them, since she needs one to go with every outfit.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Babes.....

***I have been trying to post all day with pictures, but for some reason it's not working......

We made it!! 1 whole year.

My babies are 1 today. Can you believe it?? I have been a mother to the two most beautiful babies for 1 whole year already! It's surprisingly has gone by quite fast! I have to admit, I am quite proud of myself. When I first found out I was pregnant with twins, I was scared, mostly for wondering if I was going to be a good mom to two babies at once. It's not like I got to practice on 1, then have another when I already knew what to do. Travis and I both entered this with blindfolds on. I have never been a "baby person". I don't enjoy holding other people's babies, I mostly just like to look at them. So, to find out I was having 2 at the same time, was quite overwhelming and absolutely terrifying.

Cash and Presley are perfect babies! They are growing, learning, and being such little angels everyday. Cash is walking. Presley isn't quite there yet. She hasn't perfected it yet, so she's going to wait. They are eating people food, no more baby food for them. No more formula. They are getting lot of teeth, 4 each now-2 on top, 2 on bottom. They are saying mama, dada, and hi. They clap their hands and wave good bye. They are starting to really play with each other and at times I look over and they are giving eachother kisses or just laying on one another. They truely are best friends, minus the times they hit one another or steal ones toys. They don't have their one year until March, so I don't know how much they weigh or their height. Cash is about 3 inches taller and quite a bit heavier. Presley is a peanut.

I have the best job in the world! I love my babies more than anything! Stay tuned....eventually I'll get some pics up.

Today was spent at home, both babies are sick. They partied too hard at their party on Sunday, so now they have terrible little colds. Snotty noses, coughing, sneezing, and not sleeping very good. Poor little babies....They did however devour a chocolate cupcake for dessert, which afterwards they went directly into the bath.

Anyways, kiddos are crying, it's time for bed!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A must read....

Before you click, get some tissues!!! I read about this guy and his daughter, Madeline in People magazine. He was on Rachael Ray today........

Monday, February 9, 2009

The After Party.

This is what my family room looked like yesterday night. We moved the couches so there would be more room. I am so excited because Travis is moving into an office, so he won't be working from home anymore, which means his office is the NEW playroom! Yea. I'll finally get my living room back, my rug, my coffee table!! I can't wait. It'll be so nice!

Party Time!

The twins celebrated their 1st birthday with lots of friends and family on Sunday. Here are lots of pics......(I posted them backwards.....end of the party first, oops!)
Presley loves ponies. We bought her a pony and she rode it for about an hour last night and was getting tired, so she'd lay her head on the pony.

Bathtime after cake time.

Messy boy

I just love her giant blue eyes. Presley didn't get as messy as Cash. She's such a typical girl and he's such a dirty boy.

I had so much fun opening presents. Cash and Presley also had cousins who helped unwrap all their presents. I definately don't need to buy any toys for a few years, they have plenty!

We celebrated at our house and we had about 30-40 people over! I was so surprised at how many people came. The kids played and has so much fun! I just want to thank everyone for helping make this day so special, it really means a lot to Travis and I!
Cash and Presley are so lucky to have so many friends and family that love them so much!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Favorite Toy.

The twins are obsessed with telephones, remotes, computers, etc. Travis and I went and got new phones, so now the twinnies have Travis's old Blackberry. The love it, but now they don't want it, they want his new one. I think there should be something wrong with giving a 1 year old a blackberry. What's next a laptop when they are 2?

Master of the Universe.

I'm in the kitchen and I look over and this is what I saw. He's a little monkey boy. He loves to climb on EVERYTHING. It's kinda funny, but the poor little man has bruises all the time. It's crazy how boys and girls are sooooooo different. Presley would NEVER do this.

Party Hats!

The twins's party hats came and I immediately had to try them on! So cute. I am still amazed at how fast the first year went by!

Shannon's Shower

This weekend, Alison, Amber and Carter came over on Saturday to visit! I was so happy because I was finally able to squeeze and smooch little Carter Bug, whom I the BEST baby ever! He spent the night and besides Alison packing her entire house for 1 night, I barely knew he was here. He loved hanging out with the ladies!! Cash and Presley were good with him also. Presley was really interested in Carter. They don't understand "being gentle" yet, so I had to protect little Carter from getting love from the twins. We went to dinner, then spent the night looking at baby stuff online for Amber, who is due June 7 with Macy McCoy! Sunday we had Shannon's shower. She got lots of fun gifts and we got to eat delicious cupcakes. Shannon is having a boy, Jameson, who is due March 17th!! So many babies......I am even lucky again to have Carter and Alison come again this Saturday!! I can't wait!