Sunday, June 29, 2008

Lily Eats Peanut Butter

I couldn't resist. She loved though, she kept coming back for more!

New Shoes

They are way too big for her now and totally not necessary, but a girl can never have too many shoes! This is coming from me, who has A LOT of shoes and of course now days I only wear flip flops. I couldn't resist. I bought them in this really cute store in Leavenworth. They'll fit eventually.

Big Boy

They are growing so fast. Cash is getting taller and heavier every day! He's turning into such a little boy. His hair is so adorable! It's getting longer and thicker and Travis says he has a "state patrol man" hair cut. It's also starting to get a bit darker. In this picture it looks a bit red, but it's more of a sandy blond.

Presley Eats Pears

Presley isn't as good of a eater as brother, but she hangs in there. She's more into motorboating and talking, rather than eating. She's such a typical girl.

Lunch Time

Cash Eats Pears!

He's such a good eater. We tried rice cereal a few weeks ago and then yesterday we tried pears for the first time. He LOVED them! He cries when all the food is gone and grunts in between spoonfuls.

Friday, June 27, 2008

19 weeks!

Babies are getting bigger and bigger! They are starting to become so active, playing on their playyard grabbing at the toys, jumping in their jumper, and just being little talkers. Cash is just becoming heavier and heavier and compared to Presley he's a lump. Presley has been getting longer in the past few weeks. She's growing into her chubbiness and really is starting to lean out a bit. They are acknowledging each other more. Yesterday she was pulling his hair and he was crying, something I am sure they'll be doing more of! In the mornings, I walk into their room and they are just laying in their beds talking away. Then you look at them and they give a huge smile! I love starting my mornings out that way.

We started rice cereal last week. I usually just give it to them once a day and Cash has loved it since day 1, with Presley, it took a few days, but eventually she got the hang of it. We'll try some baby food next week.

I watched the Baby Borrowers on Wednesday night and it's my new favorite show!! I love it! If you haven't watched it, you should, it's hilarious. I have for sure become a mom because I find myself talking to the tv, telling the kids what they are doing wrong, right, etc.

The twinnies and I went to visit Jill and baby Jax yesterday in Yakima. It was a nice day down there, 84 degrees. Baby Jax is doing so good and Jill is such a good mommy! The twins look ginormous next to little Jax, it's crazy to think that they used to be that little.

Next week for the 4th, we are going to head up to Winthrop for the weekend. It's not supposed to be super hot, only in the high 70's. This Sunday it's supposed to be 101 here. Yuck! Travis needs to build me that pool pronto!! He had a golf tournament yesterday at Suncadia and his team won 2nd place!! Go Travis!

Anyways, that is our little life update this week.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Angel Babies

These truely are the most precious little angels. But, of course don't their giant blue eyes or Cash's adorable callics fool you, they can be little stinkers also!!!
I heart Cash and Presley more than words can explain!

Day Trip

We spent the day in Leavenworth. It was such a nice day out, not too hot, not too cold. Ate some ice cream, did some shopping and ate at Visconti's, one of Travis's favorite italian restuarants. We had the BEST calamari ever!! However, Presley Marie decided half way through dinner that she wanted to throw a tantrum, so we had to get our dinner to go. Then we got her in the car and got settled and Cash decided to chime in and cry for what seemed like forever. Then we got home, put them in pj's, fed them a bottle and put them to bed!! The twinies aren't very good at daytripping. Little buggers.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

18 Weeks!!

Wow wow wow wow.........another week goes by and before I know it, they'll be walking, talking and getting into everything!! They are getting more and more active, playing with toys, rolling over and jumping in the jumperoo!

I am going to try giving them rice cereal this week, which I am looking forward to, then hopefully in the next few weeks move on to the 1st foods. That should be fun, messy and yummy for the twinies!

We've been going on walks outside a lot with Courtney and Ryder since the weather has gotten nicer. The babies and doggies love it! I sure do have my hands full, but it's nice to get some exercise. And now with my jogging stroller, it's sooooooooooooooooo much easier to manuver rather than my 4 wheel double stroller.

And speaking of exercise, Body for Life, is going good still. I just want to go and eat pizza, but I haven't let myself! Travis said tonight that he's going to go on a Otter Pop and oatmeal diet. I am sure that'll work! He wasn't quite satisfied with my chicken salad wrap I made him, he told me that it tasted like cardboard. Isn't he lovely?? I actually agreed with him, it was terrible. I am sick of cottage cheese, sick of yogurt, sick of eggs, sick of chicken, sick of broccoli, sick of everything that is good for you! I want cheese and brownies!

My BFF Alison is coming over tomorrow. She's a teacher and is on summer break, so she'll be over a lot:) She's 14.5 weeks pregnant with her first baby and I am so excited for her! She had her 2nd dr. appt. today and everything is going well and she heard the heartbeat today, which was very exciting for her! She'll find out the sex at the end of July. I think it's a girl, so we'll see!

New Loot!

Ready to try rice cereal!!

The UPS man must think I am addicted to buying things online because I get packages on a weekly basis. Today was a big shipment! We got our new high chairs and our duo jogging stroller! Today we met Ryder and Courtney again to try out our new stroller and we LOVE it!! The only downfall is that it needs a sun shade, but it has a net that keeps the wind out and when you live in Ellensburg, that is a necessity! Also, it hardly fits in my trunk.....time to trade in the bmw for a mini van.....J/K! With gas prices the way they are, who knows when we'll get a bigger vehicle. I kind of like only filling my tank once a month:)

Sleepy Boys

This is my favorite part of being a mom, is watching them sleep because this is when they are the most precious!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Father's Day & Happy 70th Grace!!!

Cash wore his golf hat today in support of the US Open, which we've been so lucky to have been watching ALL weekend!
Miss Presley with Mommy
Presley needed a nap during the party. She's partied out!!
Daddy and Presley. Presley wore her new pretty party outfit!
Happy 70th Birthday Grace!! It was Travis's mom's birthday yesterday. We had a surprise party at Travis's sister Laurie's house. This is a picture of just Travis's immediate family, brother's, sister's, and grandchildren. 8 kids and 16 grandchildren!!!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Nap Time

Cash and Mr. Bear
Presley and Mrs. Bear

Little peanut wants to get out!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

4 Month Check-Up

I took this picture of Presley in the waiting room of the Dr.'s office. Her look on her face is as if she knows she's going do get shots. She's so smart. Sorry, it's kind of blurry.
Presley LOVES her travel blankets. Her's in the ladybug. She's waiting for her shots......
I love this picture. Cash is saying, "Scoot over sissy, I want in!" I just love both of their looks on their face. So cute!
Little Presley!
Today was their 4 month check up. Everything went well and both Cash and Presley are right on track!!
Cash: 13.6lbs and 251/4 inches and in the 25% percentile.
Presley: 12.5lbs and 23.5 inches in the 20% percentile.
Another 2 months until their next appt. They've been sleeping all day since their appointment was so traumatic. Cash is sitting on my lap trying to type and he's singing.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Body for Life Update....

It's day 15. My knees hurt from running.

The list of my cravings can go on and on and on and on......I feel like I am pregnant again. So, it was my free day on Saturday and I purposely bought a lot of bananas last week so they'd have enough time to ripen for banana bread. I made 2 delicious loaves of banana bread. Shared 1 with my mom and put the other in the freezer for my next free day!! week it's pecan bars with chocolate ganache on top that I watched Barefoot Contessa make.

Hip hip hooray.....I fit into my jeans that I bought in Rome last year! A few weeks ago, I was trying to get my bootay in them and Travis told me that I was going to hurt myself. Today I tried again. They fit!

New Toy

When Grandma came over this weekend she brought over the twins's new activity center. It's so fun to watch them get excited about a new toy. It usually takes them a few minutes to figure it out, but when they do, their little faces light up. They are a bit too small for this one, but in no time they'll be big enough for it.

Lily's watching Baby Einstien!

My first little baby!

Cuddle Bugs

Cash is always trying to cuddle with Presley. In this picture they had just gotten done with a bottle and he's got his hand around his arm with his thumb in his mouth.
It's such a cute moment.

BIG Eyes!!!

These two little babies have the most beautiful eyes!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

16 weeks!

Wow....16 weeks, next week will be 4 months. That is 112 days I have gone without a full night's sleep and I am actually still quite sane! Everyday that goes by, it just gets easier and easier.
The twins are getting so much bigger. They are really starting to play and get quite active. They talk, motorboat, coo, and laugh. It's so nice to wake up in the morning and instead of hearing crying, I listen to them talk in their bed and when I go in there to get them, they look up at me with a giant smile. That is definately the best way to wake up!

He's really starting to motorboat, which makes him the biggest drooler ever!! I probably change his bibs 3 times a day between the drool and the puke. It's quite lovely. He loves to stand up and is so content just sitting in my lap. He's such a happy baby and hardly ever fusses.

She's quite the sassy pants. She definatley knows how to get what she wants. She is also starting to laugh and LOVES to talk. She'll just swing and talk away. There are many times I think that she's an old soul and is so over being a baby. I just am waiting for her to say something to me. It's almost like she knows what I am saying to her. She'll be smart.

Yesterday, I thought their dr. appt was at 9am, so I got them all ready, ate breakfast and we go to the clinic and our appointment is next week, the 11th. Arg...I was so annoyed, but at least it got us up, so we just went to the gym. I have been going 3 days a week and I put the kids in the daycare. Yesterday it was so cute, bc ususally they just sit in their car seats and either sleep or watch the kids, but when I was finished, I walked into the daycare room and Cash was in the swing, totally sitting up and laughing at the kids playing/screaming. It was the cutest thing ever!! He was acting like a little kid and I just knew that he wanted to get down and play with all the kids. I realized when I saw him that he's getting big. I couldn't help but just smooch him!

Everyday they amaze me and make me realize what life is all about. I love them with all my heart and so much more!

Travis and I are still doing Body for Life, 10 days and going strong!! Travis is so sore right now that he can barely move and has been popping lots of Ibuprofren. He's already lost 5 pounds! My mom is coming over this weekend while Travis heads to Spokane for a golf tournament. I am hoping the weather is nice, so she can help me plant some bushes. I need guidance with the whole "yardwork" thing. I have watched the whole season 3 of Weeds in the past 2 days, that is the BEST show!!! I have season 2 of Friday Night Lights to start now, so I better go. I just love love love Riggins!!!


Little Miss Presley. She's been quite the sassy pants lately. Too bad she's so adorable with those huge blue eyes. She'll definately be able to use those to her advantage when she's talking Daddy into getting her that pink barbie jeep!

Bare Buns

Adorable. Perfect.

Bumbo Chairs again.....

Cash fits, Presley is almost there. Notice her fairly large size's so cute. When I was at home a few weeks ago, my mom and I went to PCC (a grocery store) and this little old lady was the bagger and she was ooh and aahing at the babies and she said in a little english accent, "Oh, the girl is much fatter!" I couldn't believe it. I was actually quite funny... but, poor little Presley.