Sunday, December 28, 2008

Snow Day!

We spent the afternoon at Travis's sister, Laurie's house yesterday.
They have a huge pond outside and it was frozen over, so everyone was playing hockey.

Daddy and Uncle Dan.

Presley sledding. We didn't get any pics of Cash, because he wanted to roll out of the sled to crawl in the snow.

Presley hates getting her coat on. It's a nightmare! She can't move when she has her coat because it's so big.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Twinnies 1st Christmas!

We had such a wonderful holiday! We spent Christmas Eve with my dad and Maureen. They came over and cooked us a 7 course seafood meal that was delicious!!!! Then Christmas morning, we opened gifts here from Santa, then went over to Travis's parents house for dinner. Santa was very generous to the twins! They each got lots of presents and they were also spoiled from all the grandparents. Travis and I decided to not do gifts...he's buying parts for his 69 bronco and I bought myself a new hutch for the dining room and a set of pots and pans. Fun! He did surprise me though and bought me a really cute down coat, since it's 5 degrees outside.
Here are some pics from the day! Presley with you notice her hair sticking out on both sides?? She now loves to put food in her hair while she eats. It's lovely!
She actually kept the bows on!

The twins with Grandpa Ben (travis's dad)

Lily and Lucy loved the pillows we got the kids. It's their new bed.

These are just the kids's presents...spoiled!

Santa's Reindeer

Two Peas in a Pod!

Cash loves to give me kisses. I ask for a kiss and he always leans in to give me a big smooch. I told Cash to give sissy a kiss and he leaned in and gave her one! It was the cutest thing ever!

New fun! I push them around in this tub and they love it!!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Brotherly and Sisterly Love?

Just a glimpse of our household........they don't quite know how to share yet!

Sunday, December 21, 2008


We have a lot of snow!
I am so glad that I don't have to shovel it!

Our Tree!

Yes, it's on the coffee table. I had to give it as much leverage as possible to get the babies from doing the least amount of damage as possible. Cash still seems to pull on it every chance he gets. I wanted something small this year. Travis picked it out all by himself, I however, put the lights on it. Travis did it first, but I thought I could do it better, and of course, I did...he even agreed.

New booties!

They love thier new little booties to keep their little footies warm during these freezing days!

Ready for Snow!!

Another reason why I hate the snow...getting kids all bundled up to go somewhere. It was negativee 3 degrees out on Friday when we went to our nephew's basketball game. So cold!!!! Presely hates getting her coat on!!

Santa's Little Elfs!

Last night we had some people over, so while I was getting the food ready, I put in Baby Einstein (the best videos EVER!!!), the twinnies just sat and watched. They left their hats on while they sat there too!!!!

Cash walking..sort of.

Who needs toys?

When you have kitchen cabinets and drawers? Hey, if it keeps them occupied, I don't mind. I bought safety hooks for all the drawers and cabinets yesterday.

"Hey, Sissy...what do you want to eat for lunch?"

BIg Chair.

They love sitting in daddy's chair.


Since the weather has been awful, we weren't able to make over to get the twins's pictures taken with Santa, so we went and met Santa at the Children's Museum in town. They did really well. They didn't know what to think, but at least they didn't cry. We'll see how next year goes.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

I HATE snow!

It's been snowing all day and it's about 15 degrees out! We have at least 6 inches or so and I don't assume it'll stop. I hate the snow! It makes my life so much harder. Just to run to the store, I have bundle up BOTH babies and myself...arg! I am however thankful for having the durango around because the bmw is terrible in the snow. I have to be super careful this year, I am driving with "special cargo" as my mom would say.

So, I was so excited today because my hutch for the dining room was delivered today! Yea. I have been organizing it and getting the cabinets all cleaned out! I feel so relieved that I got all this done! It's one New Year's resolution to check off my list!

I have some great pics of the snow and my new furniture, but unfortuately my USB cord is out of commission bc little Presley decided to use it as a chew toy, so it's no longer working. I'll figure something out and get some pics up.

Only 6 more days until Xmas...I have all my presents bought and wrapped! Yea. Usually Travis and I are out and about on Xmas Eve finishing it all up, so I am rather proud of myself! I did most of my shopping local and online. I have been finding such good stuff online. One of my favorite websites for baby shoes is having a good sale: 25% all orders over $50 and free shipping. Check it out if you have shoesies for the little ones to buy!

Have a great SNOW day!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Monday, December 15, 2008


For those of you who know me, all know how much I LOVE shoes! Now that I have children, it's even doubled, especially since I can both girl and boy shoes. Pedipeds, so far, are my favorite and they each have quite a few pairs. On their website you can email pics of your child wearing their shoes. I had such a cute of Presley with her shoes on, I just couldn't resist. Her picture is on the website and I personally thinks she's the cutest one!!

Isn't she adorable!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Hours of Fun!

Hours of fun and it doesn't even have any toys involved! The kids love to play in the windows in our entry way. What a great way to arrive to our house....we have our own little greeters!


Last weekend Travis and I were lucky enough to leave the babies for 1 night with my mom, while we ventured down to Portland to celebrate Travis's friend, Kyle's, birthday. We took advantage of the opportunity and stayed in a hotel and did lots of Xmas shopping. We had such a great time and it was definately a little weird being away from the babies. Luckily, my mom survived Cash's crankiness due to his teething and Mommy and Daddy got a good nights sleep! It was so hard to be away from the babies and i don't think I could do more than 1 night!

Two Peas in a Pod!

This is my creative way on how to barracade the twins into the living room! If I don't, they crawl everywhere, so when it's needed they are my prisoners!
I tried their hats on, which are a tad too big! These will probably work next year.

We had our carpets professionally cleaned last week, so I had to move all their toys into the dining room. It worked out perfect because I was able to get stuff done in the kitchen while they played!

Bath time! They are now loving their baths together at night. Cash was a bit difficult in the beginning, but he's kind of toning it down now. He is constantly trying to stand up, then he falls down. Presley just plays perfectly. She's so dainty, while he's a mad man constantly on the go.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Can You Believe IT?? 10 Months!

First, I want to start by saying a BIG CONGRATULATIONS to my BFF Alison! She welcomed a little baby boy, Carter Nicholas last Tuesday!! She was a true professional at having this child. Between contractions and actual pushing, it only took her 3 hours!!! I got to meet the little fella last week and he's precious! He's tiny, snuggly, smells delicious and you just want to squeeze him to death!! I actually made me want another baby!! Only for that few hours, until I can home to my darling son who is teething....ah!

Sorry, I have been so bad at posting pictures. I just haven't been in the mood! During nap time is when I usually do it, but I have been busy putting in some serious DVR time and on my new treadmill to the new Britney CD...(yes, i love her and I don't care!) I am totally mad that they are cancelling some of my favs....Lipstick Jungle and Dirty Sexy Money, but I have a new favorite that I didn't watch last season......Private Practice! I love that show, also, Housewives of OC are FINALLY back...I don't think i could take another episode of watching Kim from Atlanta sing and her awful hair piece (I actually was so annoyed, I posted a blog on, I couldn't take it any longer!) Also, Top Chef!!! My life is so exciting....can you tell??? I have tons and tons and tons of stuff to scrapbook and make cards with, but by the time I actually get the stuff out, the babies are up and it's just no use. I'll begin with that when preschool starts!

To the most important part....Cash and Presley!!! They of course are growing like little weeds and they get cuter and cuter everyday! Cash is teething right now. His bottom teeth have finally come up and it's been hard! He's such a little whiner and I CANNOT take the whining!!! It makes me go crazy! They are still pulling themselves up and using the couch to walk. Presley started standing on her own, so I know it's a matter of time before she starts walking. She has a lot more balance than Cash. Their hair is starting to get longer and unfortuately neither of them got my sad. Presley's eyes are so big and a very bright blue color. They are gorgeous! And Cash just loves to smile and loves the ladies! He is such a flirt! They have been getting lots of new toys lately, which is my fault, bc I try to keep it away to surprise them for Xmas, but I just get so excited, so does my mom. But, the best new toy of all, is my tupperware cabinet and I LET them!! It's such a great way to keep them occupied while I cook dinner. They also have been eating so much food! Cheerios, mandarin oranges, bananas, easyMac, and cheese. Other than that, they are just perfect little munchkins!

I'll post some pics later:))

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving Weekend!

We had such a great and relaxing Thanksgiving weekend! I can't believe Christmas is right around the corner. I am going to spend today decorating, however I am confused at how to do the tree this year, since everything is a chew toy to the twins.

We ventured over to my mom's on Thursday morning. I had gotten sick on Wednesday, so I wasn't feeling very good:( We had such a lazy day and I was asleep by 8:30pm. The twins were on their best behavior and had such a good night sleep! Friday, I went and saw Twilight for the 2nd time (yes, I am obsessed!) and did a little shopping....Gymboree and Baby Gap were having such a good sale. I didn't feel bad bc Travis was at Sears buying himself tools....he's on a kick to fix up his '69 Bronco. Saturday we went back to Ellensburg to spend some time with Travis's family. Then Sunday (today) I will start to decorate for Xmas, which we'll be spending at home!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

Next weekend, Travis and I are having our 1st night together away from the babies. We are going to Portland to celebrate Travis's good friends birthday. I am excited to do some tax-free shopping! Yea......

A Few Cute Ones.....

Seriously....he puts EVERYTHING in his mouth!!!!