Monday, December 28, 2009

Boys vs. Girls.

I have always thought that gender is not something that you learn, it's something you are born with. Having a set of boy/girl twins makes it quite obvious. Cash loves cars, bats, balls, and anything boy. Presley loves dresses, dolls, and everything girlie. Case in point: Presley got a hand mixer for Christmas for her play kitchen. Cash got his hands on it and is using it as a drill. You can't see it in the pic, but he has a hammer in his other hand.

Xmas Came Again.

My Dad and Maureen came by yesterday to shower the twinnies with more gifts. New tricycles!

Presley is feeding Grandpa some coffee.

After bath trick riding

Too many toys, dont u think?? Task this week: trying to organize this mess of a toy room. It's too overwhelming!

Saturday, December 26, 2009


Santa came! We got up early and the twinnies were sooo excited about all the presents! I didn't get a pic of all the presents under the tree, but there was more than I have ever seen! I don't think I need to buy any toys for a long time and they were SPOILED!!! They definately got the concept of opening gifts and loved every minute of it!

Breakfast! Waffles (I made from scratch) and omlettes. I am growing Presley's bangs out right now, so it's a bit ragamuffinish right now....
We had Christmas dinner at Travis's sister Laurie's house. We ate prime rib and turkey. Presley refused to sit on her own, so she sat on my lap, so I didn't quite get to enjoy my meal.


We managed to get one family pic and the very end of the night. It was waaaay pas their/my bedtime....11pm, so Cash was a little monster. Both twins did so good staying up late! Both got tons and tons of gifts. Travis and I just did stockings for one another.
Whew....Christmas is over. It was exhausting. My house is finally clean. I am full. I am going to get on the treadmill now. Twins and dad are asleep and I am finally relaxed. I can't wait for next year!
Up next....planning the twinnies 2nd birthday!!!!!

Christmas Eve.

We had all of Travis's family and my family over for Christmas Eve...about 25-30 people over. We ate, drank and played. Lots of food and drinks were had.
All the cookies I baked!

No's grape juice!

Cash is obsessed with sweets.

With half the cousins. We are having the 17th grandchild.

After everyone left and we got cleaned up, we had to stay up until 1;30am getting the toys put together. It was a looong night.

Building a Fort.

I was busy on Christmas Eve getting ready for the party and I went into the playroom to check on the twins and this is what I found. They were busy building a fort. I love it. Cash kept saying, "Ni Nite" and he was pretending to sleep. For Christmas they got a much bigger tent, so I am sure they'll have the best time!

Cookie Time.

I attempted to decorate cookies with the twins. They did OK. Both lost interest pretty quick and wanted to eat the sprinkles and poke at the dough.

They turned out cute and were delicious!

Monday, December 21, 2009


I know, I know...another post, no pic. I don't have a scanner at my house, so I can't post pics of the baby , but I can tell you he/she looked as perfect as perfect can be! A relief! Now the shopping can begin, well, I just need a few things.

I forgot how amazing seeing the little bean on the screen can be. It was weird going in knowing that we weren't going to find out the sex, but the more and more I think about it, it will be worth it in the delivery room. The technician said, even if we were going to find out, the little bugger was covering up the "parts", so most likely we wouldn't have been able to see.

As I was getting the ultasound, I was convinced the baby looked like a boy, but who does it really look like a boy at this point. I just felt the baby looked really long and lean and that is how Cash is. Plus, the little bugger has been doing what feels like somersaults and that is definately more boy. We kept calling it "he" during, but who knows.....

Travis was able to feel it on Saturday. What an incredible feeling??!! I layed in bed this morning with my hand on my belly just in awe of this. I feel like I am enjoying the pregnancy a lot more, maybe because I am lot smaller than I was before and I have a lot more energy. Until this little baby started kicking, I forgot it was actually in there, well...i take that back, my boobs are a dead giveaway!

We have a busy week ahead.....I am soooooooooooo excited for Christmas. I got all the presents wrapped and they are all nestled away for christmas Eve. I am fearing the kids will unwrap them if they are under the tree. I promise more pics will happen this week. I feel like I look like I crawled out from under a appt tomorrow! Yippee!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

In the Spirit of Giving.

Today we ventured to Yakima to head to Costco. We just needed a few last minute things before Christmas, plus tons of diapers! We successfully made it out with full bellies (thanks to all the samples...twinnies LOVE samples, plus it makes it easy to figure out what they like) and we didn't spend as much as I thought we would. As we were leaving and heading to Red Robin (which was a 30 minute wait so we didn't end up going) we passed by this guy holding up a sign, "I am not a bum. I am a laid off brick layer who is a single dad with 3 kids." He was nicely dressed and very clean cut, standing out holding this sign in the freezing cold rain. It was heart breaking. I can't imagine not being able to provide for my children. We pulled over and I ran and handed him $30. He graciously thanked me and had tears coming from his eyes. I got back in the car and lost it, bawling. I am forever grateful for my life and my family. I am thankful to have such a hard working husband who provides such a wonderful life for me and my children. I just have to remember this because at times I like to feel sorry for myself.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Twinnie Belly.

Flashback: 20 week belly with twins.
I can't believe this. It's crazy to look at old pics.

20 Weeks.

Wow...time flies. I actually am in no hurry for this baby to arrive. We have an ultrasound next week. I am excited to see the little critter's face and it's little limbs on the screen. I miss having ultrasounds every 4 weeks. We aren't going to find out the sex, so there will be no big news. Things are going well so far. I cleaned the twin's infant carrier, so it's ready for the baby. Other than that, I have done absolutely nothing to prepare. The poor little baby isn't going to have a nursery. It will sleep in our room for the time being. I don't want to move the kids's beds into the guest room out of their cribs bc they still love their cribs and sleep so good at night and take a 3-4 hour nap in the afternoon. I am just pestering Travis to build us a new house, hopefully within the next year?? We'll need 5 bedrooms to fit us all. I did find the best thing ever for pregnant women or any women for that matter........elastic waisted "jeggings" aka leggings that are jeans. Here is the link...i suggest you buy them, they are wonderful! HERE and HERE !!!

Funny Video

Cash's new word is "Stuck". Everything gets stuck. I just think it's hilarious!

**I cleaned the carpets yesterday, so that is the reason for the stool on the table, it's not a normal occurance.

Dancy Pants Pt. 2.

We listen to Xmas music in the car and the house and the twinnies are really starting to love it. We had dance party USA last night before bathtime. They keep cracking us up.

Ps. They do NOT get their moves from me....i think they might get them from Travis:)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Free Udder Covers.

For all those mommies who are in need for some udder covers, click HERE. You get a FREE udder cover and all you pay for is $8.95 for shipping, a $32 value. Enter "Planning" into promo code. I love me some free stuff and since I have to get back in the game I snatched one up for me!

Happy Early's exactly what I wanted! (j/k obv.)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I was bad...we didn't take any pics. I don't know why, probably bc all we did was eat, shop, and sleep. Nothing too amazing enough to take pics of. We had the best time. It was so relaxing and exactly what we needed after the crazy flu-willed week prior.

We stayed at Hotel Monaco downtown. It's pet friendly, so we brought along out fur babies, Lily and Lucy (who were PERFECt little barking or accidents!) We ate at El Gaucho, had a incredibly expensive, yet worth every penny filet, and watched Travis drink the most delicious cocktails. Soooooo not fair. We shopped, did a little for others, but did lots of damage for myself! We met up with some good friends from college and even stayed out till 2am....I sipped on my pellegrino, while they all got to consume some yummy cocktails. Watched some movies in the hotel room. Tryed to sleep in, but 8am was as late as it got. Overall, we had a great time but I was so glad to get home to my babes.

It's starting to feel like Xmas....

We put our tree up a few weeks back, but I've yet to get any pics of it. Travis picked it out. It's a bit lopsided, but we love it. I had to put all the ornaments on the upper part of the tree bc the twins like to take the ornaments off. I didn't want anything too big and it fits perfect!
Our stockings. My mom stitched the twinnies stockings and my grandmother did mine for my first Xmas. My mom was working on Travis's, but had to start the new baby's, so he'll have to wait a little longer for get his.

It Snowed!

We woke up this morning to about 5 inches of snow! The twinnies ventured out for a bit but Cash refuses to wear gloves and then his hands get so cold he'll cry. Presley doesn't like snow on her boots, which doesn't make any sense, so we didn't last very long.

I even busted out my snow boots. And yes, those are Travis's old baseball sweats turned inside out. It's my favorite outfit.

Poor Travis had to get out and start snow blowing. He was a lucky man last year and got a snow blower so he doesn't have to shovel anymore.

The good part about living in Ellensburg is having snow on the ground doesn't mean you can't leave your house. The roads don't get bad here and luckily we both have 4 wheel drive. There aren't hills or black ice like Seattle. The only part I hate is having to get the twins all dressed up in coats, hats, and boots to leave the house.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

We've been hit!

As in hit with the stomach flu. Presley finally got over her's and is on the mend, but Cash started throwing up last night. Of course, just as one is better, the other gets sick, right after he had a bad cold.

I haven't left the house since Sunday unless to go to the dr. I am dying here. I must get some Vitamin D in me. I am turning into a ghost.

This little blog of mine is my only outlet as I feel my life has turned into a downward spiral of shitty diapers and projectile vomit. Really? I just have to remember the fun times because at this point I feel like when you get pregnant and these beautiful little precious people come out, you don't expect the bad parts. Well ladies, for all of you lucky ones who haven't been subjected to being vomited on, take advantage and relish the moments of solid poops. Seriously!

Travis and I are headed to Portland next weekend for some R & R and it can't happen any sooner. If he begins to get after my shopping as I may splurge and buy myself a hangbag, I am just going to make him remember these past few days. I am in dire need of a spa day. Since I can't drink the bottle of wine that is making my mouth salivate, I am going to settle for McDonalds. Yep, I am pregnant and loving every minute of stuffing my face!

Now, off to change diaper # 568 today and watch Monsters, Inc in bed with the sickies......

**Oh, this week will be filled with posts with NO pics. I'd rather remove all memories of this week from my mind....remember baby #3 is on it's way and I have to be excited and all I do think to myself is, "What the f&^% did I get myself into?"

To find out or not to find out?

To find out the sex of our baby. I have been torn. I want to find out bc I can't wait that long and I am just not a sucker for surprises, but it would be the best surprise EVER!

and my decision is....

to NOT going to find out the sex. I decided the other day and I feel really good about it. I want this to be a surprise that Travis and I can share together. I already have one of each, boy and girl, so why not wait?

People always ask, Do you want a girl? or Do you want a boy?

Well, I personally think boys are more work. They are for some reason more whiney, throw tantrums more and just waaaaaaay more needy. Girls on the other hand are so gentle, sweet, and very laid back. So, with that said, I want a girl. But, do I want 2 teenage girls at the same time? HELL NO! So, with that said, I want a boy. Either way, I don't care.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving Pics.

We were lucky enough to have a nice Thanksgiving dinner before everything went crazy. Wednesday night we had a nice dinner at my moms, then Thursday we went over to my dads. My dad made each of the twinnies there own seperate apple pie. This was pretty much all they ate. Cash ate almost the entire pie...i think he likes apple pie.
It looks like Presley is reading the newspaper. They LOVE LOVE LOVE their shows.

We took some family pics. Kids are not cooperating anymore during picture time.

No more pics. This supermodel has had her limit.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving to Us!

I had plans for this weekend to be a super fun filled weekend. We were going to hit the aquarium, Zoo, do some shopping, then finish it up with The Santa Train at Snoqualmie on Sunday, but someone upstairs had entirely different plans for us......

I woke up Thanksgiving morning with bad abdominal cramping (not contraction cramping). So bad, it was hard to walk and it hurt very bad to pee. So, of course, I get online, diagnose myself....bladder infection. I spent Thanksgiving drinking 64 oz. of cranberry juice, but without the vodka, so not as much fun. Friday morning, woke up early, the hubby and I headed out to do some shopping while the kiddos were watched by gma. Stomach still hurt but not as bad, but by the end of our trip, I was in pain. We headed to Urgent Care and waited and waited and waited for 3 hours. Finally, the pee test said, "No bladder infection." What? No offense to any dr.'s out there, but they aren't that smart and she didn't really know anything, so that 3 hours of my life was a total waste of time. I feel fine now and have my dr appt this week, so we'll see.

Took the twinnies to Open Gym at Gymboree and then to Pinkalicious Cupcakes where Cash devoured a few cupcakes and threw the ultimate tantrum while leaving screaming, "Bye bye Cupcakes". Travis then met up with friends that night and I went to bed at 8pm. Party. Animal. (This day we were supposed to go to the Aquarium).

Saturday, we were supposed to go to the zoo, but instead, Cash had a brutal cold and when he gets colds, there are BAD. Then at 9am, Presley decided to projectile vomit all over me. That was a first. I thought it was the orange juice and yogurt she had and maybe it just didn't sit well. No fever and she was running around acting normal. After the nap, we headed to Woodinville to finish up some Xmas shopping, got the twinnies a Jamba Juice and went to Target. Had the cart filled with stuff, then as I was looking at Xmas decorations, Presley started to vomit all over the cart and floor. Panic Mode. That was pretty much the rest of the evening. Sick kids. One with a bad cold who can't breath and the other one throwing up. My mom asks, "What are you going to do with 3 sick kids?" No idea. All I am wishing for right now is a gestation period of a few years, May is too soon!

I spent all night up with the kids, we watched The Incredibles and Bee Movie at 2am. It was actually nice, laying in bed with two kids. It doesn't happen often. I was supposed to run in the Seattle Marathon, paid the $80 and signed up ages ago, but then I got knocked up and my plans quickly changed, so then i bought us tickets to go on the Santa Train. Obviously we aren't going to that either. Presley is still having a hard time keeping liquids down and Cash is still a snotty mess.

All in all.....I spent a lot of time cuddling with my babies. They are what I am most thankful for.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Ryder's 2nd Party.

A few weeks back we celebrated the twins's best friend, Ryder's 2nd birthday! He had a cowboy themed party. The ids rode around on stick ponies, played (or tried to play) pin the tail on the donkey, and had pony races. The twins loved it. Ryder aka Birthday Boy. He is such a little cowboy. He's obsessed with anything that has to do with being a cowboy, wearing cowboy boots, belts buckles and hats. He's the most adorable little cowboy.

Eating cupcakes. They still ask for cupcakes. Presley just licked the frosting off but Cash had no problem digging in.

Presley had some seriously static cling with her hair. Balloons would not stop following her. It was so hilarious bc she was just running around like normal with 2 balloons stuck to her hair.