Friday, December 23, 2011

My excuse for lack of posts....

Sorry for the lack of blog posts......but, I leave you with a little insight on how I feel on a daily basis and it basically sums up why the lack of blog posts. Watch, seriously, it'll make you laugh.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Miss Sassypants.

Today I was informed that princesses don't wear boots, they wear only princess shoes!

That's what she said to me when I told her to put on her uggs, so we could go to the store.  Apparently I didn't get the memo on proper princess attire!  Holy hell...she's starting to be a fashionista. 

Oh Santa....

Don't let these smiles fool you....they're monsters!  Finally....a santa picture with smiles!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Random Ramblings.

  • As I am evolving into motherhood, I find myself sounding EXACTLY like my mother.  And I mean EXACTLY. 
  • Also as I have become a mother, I have so much more respect for my parents.  It's HARD work.
  • Is it bad that I have days where I yell more than I talk? I give myself headaches.  I yell at the kids for them to stop yelling.  Does that make any sense?  No wonder my kids look at me like a crazy lady.
  • I am off my meds.  Which means more wine and lots of deep breaths.  I bought another case last night to add to my other 2 cases in the garage.  Got wine?
  • I am 95% done with my Christmas shopping, which has NEVER happened, all while have my Nordstrom card paid off!
  • Just got home from Vegas and I am already planning for Nashville in June! 
  • Homeland is the BEST new show.  I can't say it enough.  I am kinda obsessed.  Oh, and Dexter is totally boring.
  • Motherhood WTF is a new funny blog I found.
  • Zara is my new weakness.  Kinda obsessed!  Free shipping...wahoo!
  • It drives me crazy when I cannot find something. I lost the watch Travis bought me for our anniversary and I cannot for the life of me find it!!!  Also a brand new Bobby Brown shimmer compact too.  Beyond annoyed.
  • Another few blogs that I like, Ramshackle Glam and Suburababble.
  • The egg nog latte obsession is back and lots of hours spent in the gym  to burn those egg nog lattes off is back also.  Any holy hell they are expensive....4.05 for a TALL...a tall and 4.50 for a grande.

My Fairy Princess.

From the minute she wakes up until bath time, this girl wears princess outfits.  I can manage to get her dressed to leave the house in her normal streetwear, but the second we get home, she immediately changes.  This girl has got some style!  Oh, and it's rubbing off on V too.  

My Little Big Girl.

This girl had her 18 month appointment today.  No shots.
Spent the time waiting for the dr.smearing my lipgloss all over her face.
22.10lbs. 25% 32in 50%
No more 5%. This girl is getting big. Filling out her 18 month clothes and eating like a champ.
She's a tutu wearing, ketchup smearing all over her hair while pulling out her pigtails during lunch squawking little lady.  Sometimes I just want to squeeze her she's so cute. 

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Viva Las Vegas

On a whim a few months ago, I booked a trip to Vegas. I wanted to do something fun for Travis's birthday and we've never been to Vegas together, so I figured it'd be fun!  Luckily, some of my oldest BFF's were there also,  Jenny and Logan were staying in the same hotel and Patti lives there.  We had the best time.  We flew in on Friday, shopped, ate and saw a show and pathetically we were in bed at 11pm.  I was exhausted.  We had to be up at 3am on Friday to drive over and fly out.  But, Saturday we were well rested and ready to go.  Travis gambled all day and I shopped all day with Jenny and Patti.  It was so great to catch up!!
 On Friday Travis and I walked the entire strip....all 4 miles. So, I had to get up a immediately go buy some tennis shoes Saturday morning...not the cutest, but definately the most comfy.
 Patti, Rick (Jenny's dad) and I. Jenny and I have been friends since were 2. 

 We stayed at Encore, which is in the Wynn.  An amazing hotel.  Beautiful rooms!!!

On Saturday night, we went out to some clubs. Lil Jon was our DJ and the music is amazing.  Such good people watching and omg....i LOVED every second. Best. Time. Ever!!!

Trick or Treat

We did downtown trick or treating, came back home and handed out candy, then went out for round 2 in our neighborhood.  Had dinner, some friends over, drank drinks, ate cake and had so much fun! 

Happy Halloween.
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Preschool Halloween party was on Monday, making Halloween a CRAZY day for us.  It's also Travis's birthday, so between all the Halloween fun and birthday celebrations, it was nonstop for me. Up at5am and literally not sitting down until 11pm at night.

Anyhow, here is the preschool party. It was super fun and highly organized, making it really enjoyable. Luckily, Travis came with me.

Princess Presley.

Princess Presley, Violet the piglet and Cash the Bumblebee Transformer.

I went as a cat. Meow.

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Adult Happy Halloween.

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So this is the first Halloween in a long time where I haven't been either pregnant or breastfeeding, so I was excited to dress up. I went as a pirate and Travis as Maverick. I forgot how fun dressing up can be! 

Swim Time.

We are going to Hawaii in February, so I've got the kiddos in swimming lessons, to hopefully get them a little bit more used to the water. So far, so good.  They all love it.

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