Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Random Little Tidbits.

  • I have made it my goal to blog more.  I read others, so why not contribute more to mine.  It's been lonely. 
  • I have a new obsession with tea.  I love it.  I drink it all day long.  I was out of tea the other day and the only kind I had left was "smooth move".  It tasted great, just like "Sleepytime".  Well, lets just say it lives up to it's name.  The Chai Tea Keurigs are a nice little treat.  Only 60 calories.
  • Our house has been invaded by mice.  Ahhh.....i know.  So gross.  Travis caught one coming through the fireplace.  Seriously.  Ew.  Another reason why I want a new house, now!
  • We've had a Wii for a few years now and have never used it.  Until a few weeks ago...Cash was sick, we couldn't go and do anything, so we went and bought some games.  Holy hell, I am obsessed.  The Cabellas hungting game witht the rifle is my favorite.  Cash and I play all day long.  The trigger wouldn't work last night and it was if the world had ended, I was so sad.  Also, Presley tears up the dance floor with Just Dance 3.  It's hilarious and actually a pretty good work out.  I work up a sweat. 
  • Speaking of new house.  I want one so bad.  We've outgrown this one by a lot.  I've only got a few items on my "must have" list:  a pantry so big that I can have a dance party in it, seperate walk-in closets because if you've seen my's a bit of a disaster and I need as much room as I can get, and a HUGE laundry room.  With LOTS of counter space and a nice big sink. 
  • Violet has turned into a toddler.  The toddler that has screaming, melt-down crying fits while laying face down on the floor.  Yea.  Btw....toddlers are the WORST, especially when you have 3 at the same time!
  • I held baby Celine and almost for a split second I wanted another.  I MISS babies.    She's such a perfect little girl. 
  • So I've spent the past few days taking down Christmas decorations.  I must admit, it makes me sad.  All this preparation for the holidays and then it's over in one day!  Iam already for next year.  But, I think I need to plan a weekend spa retreat to help me recover from it.  I am exhausted.  But, it's nice to get back to a routine and a more simple/laid back life.
  • Sushi,  I wish Ellensburg had a good sushi restaurant.  When I lived in Woodinville, Travis and I would meet my Dad and Maureen at Hana sushi every Wednesday.  I miss it.
  • I have been thinking a lot about my New Year resolutions.  I don't think they are very realistic for me, since I am not very good at sticking to anything, so I am going to just try to be less stressed.  Mostly with the kids.  I am going to try to gain more patience and maybe not care so much about the little things.  I want to be happy.  I mean, I am happy, but just more visably so. 
  • Laundry.  It's my nemesis.  Seriously.  NEVER ENDING.  Hate it with a passion!  Does anyone else feel like this?  Once it's done, I feel like I've accomplished so much, then 15 minutes later, I have a pile.  I HATE piles.  I HATE folding.  I HATE putting it away.  You get the idea?
Cheers to 2012!!


Carrie said...

Craig always says I am terrible at laundry since I am really bad at the folding part. I blame A&F for both of our hatred of folding the piles.

Next year after Christmas we are going on a wine tasting and spa weekend. We will both finally not be pregnant or breastfeeding for the first time in five years so we are going to celebrate!

Meghan said...

We have cabellas's hunting game! probably my fav wii game...I beat Zeb twice. :) The bears freak me out.

I love your facts and the fact that you want a new house because of mice.


Shaina said...

I have been staring at a GIANT pile o' laundry since Tuesday. It will still be there tomorrow. time to go play Tony Hawk on Wii

Jill said...

I'm happy you are going to blog more. I love your updates!!!
Stupid mice. I dealt with so many up in these dumb mountains they don't even scare me anymore...they are just sick! ...and the wii has become a staple in our house too. Of course...Lightning Flippin' McQueen. I've become a racing master though (and secretly like it). And yes, laundry is just stupid. I have a new plan for the new house...excited for it. Yay. Miss you bunches!!!