Thursday, July 29, 2010

Fun Stuff.

Having a fat day? Buy these. They are amazing. Now that I am slave to my treadmill again, putting these on make my runs so much better. They suck it all in and make you feel so much better and for some reason, they make you run a little faster and a little longer.
Absolutely addicted to almond butter. It's insanely delicious. I eat in my oatmeal every morning and I actually go to bed excited for my coffee and oatmeal. Try it, you'll like it.

Bought these for Presley and I am crossing my fingers they come out in women's sizes so we can be twins.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Violet and Violet.

I found this Leap Frog bear named "Violet". How perfect is that?? Of course I had to get them to pose together. Violet is starting to get a little use out of her bumbo chair.

...and yes, I do dress her up in purple a lot!


I love my girls. I can't wait for them to grow up and be bff's!

Little Sister.

Not so "little" anymore. Check out those cheeks!!

Date Night.

Yea...Travis and I had our first "date night" since baby V came into the world. We went to the Kings of Leon concert at the Gorge. It was such a good concert and we had great seats. We met up with our friends Ross and Abby, who also just had a baby, so Abby and I talked about babies while Ross and Travis drank Tequila out of flask. Needless to say, I drove us home:))

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


2 year olds are exhausting and how I am NOT counting down the days until they are 3...i heard the 3's are even worse. I am so tired today. Violet got up at 4am and for some reason I couldn't go back to bed. Right now, I am so tired I haven't exercised today, I haven't washed my hair since Saturday, I am drinking coffee at 5pm and I literly can't peel myself off this couch right now. My house looks like the toy aisle at Target has exploded. Dishes are piling up in my sink because I haven't unloaded the dishwasher. I have about 5 loads of laundry that need to be folded and put away. My house is a disaster and you wouldn't know that I pay cleaners to come and clean on a weekly basis. But one thing I did do today was, go around with touch up paint and paint the walls where the kids have colored, banged, and wiped their grubby hands on. Oh, and we actually did go to the park.

I have been sitting here listening to the twins's my favorite thing to do, of course when they aren't battling. Right now Presley is putting her babies to sleep singing, "Nap time, Nap time, Go to sleep, Go to sleep" for those of you who know Yo Gabba Gabba, know what song this is, I am sure. Just before she was telling them they had "icky poo poo butts", that is what I have been calling her poopy diapers. Cash is trying to kick a soccer ball all over. Ahhh, the difference between boys and girls. I love it. I love it that Cash is obsessed with sports, this week being soccer. He loves trucks, cars and everything that has to do with boys. Presley loves her babies, loves to color and isn't really into sports, but she loves to dance and sing.

All this and little Violet is sleeping so soundly in her swing...but I have changed her 3 times due to exploding diapers. Oh, and the diaper situation, don't even get me started........I am so freaking sick of changing diapers. Is it bad I let the twins run around with the diaper hanging down to their knees before I change it, because I do? Don't judge. Seriously a 9-5 job is looking pretty good right about now!

Monday, July 19, 2010

A Day at the Lake.

Last year Travis built a house on Lake Kachess for these amazing clients who are always inviting us to come visit. Travis has been super busy and we haven't seen much of him, so he took the afternoon off on Thursday and we went up for a visit. The house is right on the water and they have lots of toys, boats, and seadoos, so the twins were in heaven.

10 weeks.

Baby V is 10 weeks. As you can see, she's definately filling out quite nicely. She loves to eat and she doesn't have to share her food like the twins did, so we're getting some nice size cheeks on her. I think she looks a lot like Travis now. She's been sleeping from 9:00pm-5am for the past 4 days, but now that I've written that, I am sure she'll get up at 2am tonight. She still is such a perfect baby and I am still loving every minute!

Future Picassos.

The twinnies LOVE to paint. They spend a good hour or so painting away. I love listening to them interact with eachother and their little conversations. It's priceless.

Monday, July 12, 2010

First Bottle.

Baby V had her first bottle yesterday. I have been bfing her exclusively and I'd like to have a little freedom at times, so it was time to introduce her to the bottle. She took it like a champ. Thank heaven for a breast pump! I am gearing up for Travis and I's first date night this weekend...we are headed to the George for the King of Leon concert and I can't wait to drink some beer!!

She's been blessed with big eyes. As a baby, I had the biggest blue eyes, so I am glad that all my kids got them. Their light blue color is from their daddy. I love blue-eyed babies.

Morning time, hence the beautiful pic of the mom and most often the picture taker, it's rare to get a good photo. I'll take it no matter what I look like.

Baby Violet is precious and I can't seem to stop kissing her. I put her in her bed at night, then for some reason, she finds herself in our bed, cuddled so sweetly next to me. I love it. The twins were on such a routine and they slept in their cribs from day 1, so I never got that. I know I am probably creating a monster, but hey...she's my last baby and I seem to break all the rules.

My Girls.

Those eyes and that gap gets me everytime. I just love them both to pieces.

Cool Dude.

Cash does about 1,589 laps in his Diego motorcycle on a daily basis. Often times running into my feed, literally running over Presley, and dinging up my walls and trim. Boys are oh so fun!

Thursday, July 8, 2010


I am so excited for these to turn red. Garden tomatoes are my most favorite!
I have been growing them from those Topsy Turvy greenhouses that you've probably seen on TV and thought if they actually work? Well, they do and they are the best!!

2 months.

Wow. My baby is 2 months old. I actually told Travis that I was sad that I got my tubes tied because that doesn't even leave the option of maybe having 1 more...not that I would, but the option is gone. Kinda sad.
Little Violet Olivia had her appt. yesterday. She was a trooper for her first round of shots. Cried for a few secs, but then was back to her normal, perfect self.
Weight: 10lbs. 6 oz.
Height: 22 inches.
She's in the 25%, which was the same for Presley. She is filling out and already growing out of her newborn clothes. She's smiling and looking around a lot more. She loves her swing and still takes a lot of naps. She's a good eater and sleeper. At night, she's down at 10pm, the up between 3-4am, then back down until about 7am. I am craving a full night sleep. I can't wait until she can be on the same nightime routine as the twins.
I just LOVE LOVE LOVE her. She's a momma's girl and I love it!
I am adjusting quite will to the 3 kids. I've even gone grocery shopping with all 3 and took all 3 to see Shrek ALL BY MYSELF! I am quite proud of myself. My house looks like a disaster and I don't shower until the afternoon, but it's all good. I resumed back to exercising. I missed running. A few pounds to go and and I am back to normal, thank god! Oh how I missed my clothes! Kids are doing great. Travis is busy with work. The sun is finally out. I have managed to keep my sanity. Life is good.

Happy Anniversary.

On the 4th, we celebrated Travis's parents 50th wedding anniversary. The kids threw them a party at Travis's sister Laurie's house. We hired a DJ, ate, danced, drank and had a great time!

The best we could get with all 3 kids.

Travis and Laurie are known for their addiction to karokee. Travis secretly thinks he's a rockstar. He's actually pretty good. The kids danced and danced and danced. They loved the dj. They even know the words and were singing along to Tik Tok and OMG. So cute!

My mom drove over to visit. Here is baby V passed out in the Bjorn and Travis's dad, Ben.

Travis's Dad, Ben and sister, Lana.
The weather was windy!!! But, we still managed to have fun. The kids had such a good time playing with cousins and getting VERY dirty. Travis comes from a family of 8, 6 sisters and a brother and 17 grandkids. Ben and Grace did a pretty good job in their 50 years of marriage! I got pretty lucky with such good in-laws!! I love them all so much:))

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Park fun.

Last week we were hit with some horrible weather. It was so windy out, that we played inside all week, which means the kids drove Mom crazy. Finally, Friday, we headed to the library, got a library card and checked out some books that I've read 456 times each and then Saturday, we headed to the park for a playdate with the Backlund's. Trav took some pretty cute pics while I was in the shade with little V.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Where did the time go?

My baby is 8 weeks old today. I can't believe how fast it's gone. I have to say, I've actually enjoyed every moment with Violet. For almost a week, V has been sleeping from 10-4/ was such a treat. Then, a few days ago it switched, up at 2am, then at 5am.....Just when you think you have things down, it changes. This is little V this morning after I put her bed with me last night...exhausted after getting up so much. I can't really complain, she gets up, eats, then goes right back down.

Also, the twins are on list for preschool. They don't start until the Fall '11, but the spots fill up quick. I am actually counting down the days until I can have a few mornings with just 1 child. Violet is easy, the twins drive me nuts. Seriously...when do you kids start listening to you? Also, the potty training thing has got to start happening. Presley won't even sit on the potty and Cash went on the potty this morning, then went pee in his pants. I almost give up. I don't have the energy to even try.