Thursday, January 26, 2012

Welcome Home Travis!

Poor Trav.  After a long day at work, back to back meetings all day with clients, he walks in at 8pm and the house looks like this.  "Welcome home babe, hope you had a great day!!"" 

Just to justify this mess, the kitchen is clean, laundry is 100%  done and put away, my sheets are washed and bed is made......oh, and I am up to date on all my celebrity gossip, on page 565 of The Girl Who Played with Fire and I have 5 games going on Words with Friends.  I obviously know how to multi-task!

Dino Cash.

Today was snack day at school, which means it's "Show and Tell" day too.  (I am super mom and was up at 6:30am making banana chocolate chip muffins from scratch.)  Anyhow, for "Show and Tell" Cash brought his box of dinosaurs.  He knows all the names to all the dinosaurs and what they eat.  Yep, he's a genious.  Presley chose to bring her stuffed hamster that she stole from the pumpkin patch.  Yep, she's a theif. 

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Good Read.

My mornings are usually spent talking to either Carrie or Alison and are usually spent talking about our crazy kids.  Whether, they are smeared with Nutella (a fav in all 3 houses), how it'd be so nice to go to the bathroom ALONE, how many times a certain someone has pooped in the bathtub x amount of times this week, how messy our houses are, how we should probably go out and do an activity but it seems like a lot of effort, and often times we reminice how fun college was...anyways, you get the idea.   But we also talk about new blog finds. 

So, today was a good day.  Carrie gave me a new blog to read.  Read it.  You'll laugh so hard, you'll have tears trickling down.  Momastery.

Just so you know...i'll be putting a paper bag over my head too!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE it when people are real.  I love seeing cute kids, but come on..... those pics get boring.  I wanna see what really happens, just so that I know that my life is somewhat normal. 

Friday, January 20, 2012

Favorite Products

Oribe Texturizing Spray  I use this if I am using a curling iron or having my hair straight, but I want more volume at the roots, or I even use this when I have it curly, after it's dry.  Just to give it more lift  Check out this product on you tube.  They have videos that show you how to use it.  I love it.  It just puts lots of volume into your hair, which I love.  I love big hair!

I am new to this brand Oribe, pronounced Or-bay.  I love this blog.  She uses these products and I love what she does to hair, so I copy her.  You should too.  She's got some fun tutuorials.

Maximista Thickening Spray  I have curly, but fine hair.  I love this stuff.  I spray it into my hair when it's wet and then I diffuse it dry.  It makes my hair feel super thick.

It's a oil treatment that you rub into your hair before you shower.  Leave on for 20 minutes, then wash you hair.  Leaves it smooth and healthy.  I love it.  I use it about 1-2 times a weeks.  

T-3 Featherweight Hair Dryer..  I've always owned the cheapy hair dryers that I bought at the store.  Clariol, revlon, whatever.  I never understood why people spend the money on a nice hair dryer.  Now, I know.  They kick ass.  Drying time is cut in half, my hair feels smoother, and overall just awesome.  Plus, I love a diffuser with my curly hair and this one comes with one. 

Clarisonic.  My skin has been freaking out lately.  I have been getting acne, when I've hardly ever even had a zit.  I love this clarisonic.  It's gentle enough to use daily.  It gets everything off and makes your skin shine.  I am kinda late the clarisonic party....i just got mine a few months ago.  Love this. 

Face Cleanser.  My salon that I go to, to get my hair done and my facials, use Aveda.  I LOVE their products.  I use their hair products and facial products.  This cleanser really gets your face clean without being harsh.  I have sensitive skin and this works really good and has a nice fragrence. 

These are some of my favorite products.  I have been bit of a product junky lately.  These what have worked for me!!  Best of all, these all can be bought on   I am kinda obsessed!!!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Snow Day.

To keep up with everyone else's snow day pics, here's ours...we played.  I shoveled.  We froze.  No snowmen were made, since the snow is too dry.  Tears were shed.  Fought over the shovel.  After an hour of play, we retreated back to the warmth of the house for a cup of homemade hot cocoa...whole milk warmed with chocolate chips and lots of marshmellows.  We danced.  We shot some bucks (Wii game).  I went to the gym to get tortured by my trainer.  Got a new iphone (Trav's old one).  Watched some Gossip Girl.  Put a pot of homemade soup on the stove.  Took a shower.  Put on big grey sweats.  Did some laundry.  It's been a good day. 

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I am looking at old pics.  Do you ever catch yourself looking at pics, mostly those before kids and look at yourself in the picture and tell that person that they have NO idea what is to come?  Tell them to really enjoy life.  To really get good sleep.  To not sweat the small stuff.  To not spend so much time at the gym because your just going to have kids and your body will NEVER look the same.  To drink more cocktails, to stay out late, to travel more....I do.  I did today.

After my weekend, I chose to post these pics.  They were from Cancun, Mexico, May of 2007.  Only 2 weeks before the I got pregnant with twins.  Weird.  Anyways, this was such an enjoyable trip.  We went with Carrie and Craig and Carrie and I to this day laugh about stuff that happened during this vacation.  It was pure bliss.  I was really happy.  This was our last big Hoorah before we were going to start a family.  Crazy...
This was the first day.  Craig lost his wedding ring in the water in the first 10 minutes.  The scene was priceless.  Hilarious..for us, not for Craig.  He was in trouble.  BIG trouble. 

Holy shit.  abs. 

Carrie and Craig.  I love them!

Craig loves activites.  He's not happy sitting by the pool, so did LOTS of activites.  Glad we did.  So much fun.

We rented mopeds.  Actually, I was too scared to go by myself.  I know...I'm weird.  Carrie was in heaven reliving her English Hill days.

Ok, this is one of my most favorite times in my life besides having my kids.  We found this pool/bar and you could use the pool if you bought food/drinks.  We spent hours here.  It's on that little island off cancun, Isles de mejueres( SP?)  Anyhow, it was heaven.  Seriously.

In playa del carmen, caught in a rain storm.

Anyways, best time! Posted by Picasa

What May Have or Have Not Happened this Weekend.

I am gonna keep this blog sequence alive and play a little see if I can top the weekend before.  Which, this weekend I CAN!

Let's start.  Ok, before I do, if you have a sensitve stomach STOP reading.

  • Cash started vomiting all over the sofa on Friday at 5:30pm.
  • Presley started vomiting all over her bed on Friday at 11pm.
  • I escaped on Saturday morning for a few hours to do some shopping with Courtney.
  • Violet started vomiting Saturday night, continued ALL day Sunday. 
  • Sunday, let's just say, was my one of my LEAST favorite day of all time. .
  • I did escape and see The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo-Good movie! 
  • I woke up Monday morning vomiting.
  • Went sledding as a family.  (BIG mom-of-the-year award for this!  We promised to take the kids on Sunday and they obviously didn't forget.  Surprisingly, it by smoothly and it made me feel a little better.)
  • Came home with a 101 fever.  Took a nap and woke up to dog puke on my bed beside me.
  •  On top of all this, I did 455 loads of laundry, cleaned my kitched 200 times and haven't been able to eat a good meal because my stomach is still weak.
So, I apologize for all the unanswered phone calls and texts.  I am completely exhausted, overwhelmed and literally up to my elbows in vomit.  Oh, and right before I started this post, Cash woke up and shit his pants, rubbed it into the carpet and Voilet projectile vomited all over the living room.  Gimme a break.  No Pinot was consumed, however half a bottle of Pepto was. 

I am just keeping it real people.  Life sucks. So, for all of you who have a bad day, just think of me.  I am probably having a worse day.  And in celebration this completely awful weekend, I am looking forward to Brewfest this upcoming weekend!  Momma needs a break!

Sorry, for the lack of pics...not having many Kodak moments in the Gibson house.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

I did it.

Chopped my hair that is.  It looks like this. 

Omfg...seriously.  It feels so nice to chop it all off.  

Now, I am off to sunglasses, some headbands, earrings.....

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

We Bought A House!

Joking.  We did not buy this house....I wish.  Travis built this house.  It's for sale.  For the amazing price of $2,750,000.  So, I just have to brag for a second....Travis is amazing.  He's the smartest, most hard working man I know.  On top of this house, he's building 7 more.   He started this company with himself and his best friend Chris.  When I had just given birth to twins... talk about stressful.  He has built it from the ground up and he amazes me everyday.  Today, he's off to Montana to meet with an architect for an exciting project he'll be starting soon.  So proud.


Monday, January 9, 2012

Things that may Have or Have Not happened this weekend...

  1. Took all 3 kids to Costco and spent a small fortune.
  2. Went to Red Robin with all 3 kids.  Violet hit her face against the table and has a black eye.  It was the most unrelaxing meal.
  3. After Red Robin, put Presley in the car and she vomited everywhere.  Not just a little puke, a lotta puke.  (At least it's a reason for another detail job!)  Thank god for the boogy wipes i just bought at Costco and I used the plastic bag from the Pirates Booty for a large garbage bag.  Resourseful....I know.
  4. Put Violet's dirty diaper in a Starbucks Venti cup and Travis thought it was my tea and tried to take a sip. ...we were driving.  I know....weird spot to put a dirty diaper, but it was either that, or the puke filled wipe bag.  Anyways, lots of laughter.  I mean, I really really laughed.
  5. Oh, and the Urban Decay Naked Palette 2 came out.  Holla.
So, needless to say.....I said f&%$ the healthy diet and poured myself some wine.  Go Pinot! 

Saturday, January 7, 2012

New Hair?

I am obsessed with this girl.  Her style, her closet, her home and most of all, her hair.  I am kinda contemplating on cutting it like this and dying it this chocolate color.  I think I might pull the trigger......I feel like I need a makeover. 

I have been eating super clean for the past week.  Think: protein shakes, ground turkey, chicken, tuna, brussel sprouts, green beans, broccoli, grapefruit, quinoa, black beans.  Thats it.  No dairy, lots of water, no salt, lots of Mrs. Dash and hot sauce and I CANNOT even begin to explain the amazing results.  All cravings for bread/cracker/sweets is gone.  I eat 6 meals a day and I am full all day.  Try it!!  I do allow myself coffee creamer though....can't live without my darigold vanilla creamer.  Oh hellz no. 

We are getting solar panels on our house, as I write this.  Funny, but it's a pretty awesome idea.  It'll warm up all of our hot water for free.  It'll cut our bill by quite a bit, since our hot water is heated by gas and I run the dishwasher, do a million loads of laundry and we all shower.  Since Travis is a builder, we got a killer deal and in return he sells it to his clients, which are always looking to go "Green". 

Oh, and we killed 2 mice last night.  I am so excited! 

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Random Little Tidbits.

  • I have made it my goal to blog more.  I read others, so why not contribute more to mine.  It's been lonely. 
  • I have a new obsession with tea.  I love it.  I drink it all day long.  I was out of tea the other day and the only kind I had left was "smooth move".  It tasted great, just like "Sleepytime".  Well, lets just say it lives up to it's name.  The Chai Tea Keurigs are a nice little treat.  Only 60 calories.
  • Our house has been invaded by mice.  Ahhh.....i know.  So gross.  Travis caught one coming through the fireplace.  Seriously.  Ew.  Another reason why I want a new house, now!
  • We've had a Wii for a few years now and have never used it.  Until a few weeks ago...Cash was sick, we couldn't go and do anything, so we went and bought some games.  Holy hell, I am obsessed.  The Cabellas hungting game witht the rifle is my favorite.  Cash and I play all day long.  The trigger wouldn't work last night and it was if the world had ended, I was so sad.  Also, Presley tears up the dance floor with Just Dance 3.  It's hilarious and actually a pretty good work out.  I work up a sweat. 
  • Speaking of new house.  I want one so bad.  We've outgrown this one by a lot.  I've only got a few items on my "must have" list:  a pantry so big that I can have a dance party in it, seperate walk-in closets because if you've seen my's a bit of a disaster and I need as much room as I can get, and a HUGE laundry room.  With LOTS of counter space and a nice big sink. 
  • Violet has turned into a toddler.  The toddler that has screaming, melt-down crying fits while laying face down on the floor.  Yea.  Btw....toddlers are the WORST, especially when you have 3 at the same time!
  • I held baby Celine and almost for a split second I wanted another.  I MISS babies.    She's such a perfect little girl. 
  • So I've spent the past few days taking down Christmas decorations.  I must admit, it makes me sad.  All this preparation for the holidays and then it's over in one day!  Iam already for next year.  But, I think I need to plan a weekend spa retreat to help me recover from it.  I am exhausted.  But, it's nice to get back to a routine and a more simple/laid back life.
  • Sushi,  I wish Ellensburg had a good sushi restaurant.  When I lived in Woodinville, Travis and I would meet my Dad and Maureen at Hana sushi every Wednesday.  I miss it.
  • I have been thinking a lot about my New Year resolutions.  I don't think they are very realistic for me, since I am not very good at sticking to anything, so I am going to just try to be less stressed.  Mostly with the kids.  I am going to try to gain more patience and maybe not care so much about the little things.  I want to be happy.  I mean, I am happy, but just more visably so. 
  • Laundry.  It's my nemesis.  Seriously.  NEVER ENDING.  Hate it with a passion!  Does anyone else feel like this?  Once it's done, I feel like I've accomplished so much, then 15 minutes later, I have a pile.  I HATE piles.  I HATE folding.  I HATE putting it away.  You get the idea?
Cheers to 2012!!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Favorites.

My new one piece.  I haven't had a one piece since I was little, but I thought it'd be fun to get one for our vacation.  LOVE this one and it fits perfect!

Gel Shellac Polish kit.  If you haven't gotten a shellac gel polish manicure, go do it now!  It's amazing.  I got a kit to do it myself at home and I LOVE it! 

Kendra Scott earrings.  My ears closed up, but I got them repierced.  I am obsessed with earrings and these are my new favoite.

My new beach bag.  Can you tell I am getting excited for our beach vacation?  I use this all the time already.  Perfect for diapers, ipad, snacks, boogie wipes and everything else a mom needs to carry around. 

A theif.

Caught in the act.
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New Years 2011

We had a fun time celebrating 2011 with good friends!

It was my friend Courtney's 30th birthday.  We surprised her with a party.  We put on some sparkle and our party pants and had a blast!


We had a good 2011.  I feel like every year just keeps getting better and better.  I have survived yet another year with 3 kids.  We are healthy.  The kids are doing well.  Travis's business is successful.  I have wonderful family and friends.  2012 will be a even better year.  Twins turn is already planned and invites are out.  Hawaii is booked, we go February 18-28.  Nashville in June with front row tickets to Kenny Chesney/Tim Mcgraw.  Lots to look forward to!!

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