Sunday, October 31, 2010

Rock of Love.

On Saturday, Travis was trying to figure out what to be for Halloween. He was going to a party and no clue what to be. So, after a few minutes browsing the internet, we came up with Bret Michaels. It was perfect! I stayed home...not much of a party animal and my mom was even over offering to babysit.

Bret kissing baby V before he left.

Trick or Treating Part One.

We dressed up on Saturday and hit downtown Ellensburg for some Trick-or-Treating. When we asked Presley to pose for a pic...she's do this sideways slant pose, I have no idea where she got that. This girl has supermodel potential....

Presley and Ryder.

The paps were following us.

Getting our pic taken for The Daily Record. Presley was a strawberry, Violet was a chicken and Cash was a dinosaur.

Getting ready....see the sideways pose...

The kids had so much fun and were pros when it came to getting candy. If the candy bowl wasn't taken away fast enough from Presley, she continued to grab candy. It was funny. So, tonight we are going again in our neighborhood and celebrating Travis's birthday!

Sisterly Love.

At first she was begging me to hold Violet. Then Violet started to pull her hair.
And finally she was begging for me to take Violet away from her.

Sisterly Love.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Life As We Know It.

Align Center Such a good movie. Loved it!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Pumpkin Patch.

We actually got to spend the morning with Travis before he had client meetings all afternoon, so we went to the pumpkin patch. The kiddos loved it!

Presley led us through the corn maze again. She loved it!

Picking out their pumpkins.

Wheeling the twinnies.

Baby Vi and mom.

Daddy and twinnies.

I obviously have my hands full.

I finally got some pics with the kids and I. The baby Ergo is by far the best $100 spent. It's super comfortable and Violet loves it!! Plus, it has a pocket in the front that fits your keys, cell phone and wallet. If you haven't bought one, do!

Birthday Party.

We celebrated my friend Allison's little girl, Lydia's, birthday today! It was a costume party with the best face painter! Presley sat so patiently while she got her face painted. So sweet....

She's a Strawberry.

Cash is a dinosaur. He was busy playing the whole time and did not want his pic taken.

Monday, October 18, 2010

There might be hope?

But nope. She's fooling you by sucking on it, then spitting it out. I am still trying to get this little rascal to take a bottle. I NEED a break. But how could I ever leave something so sweet and so cute?


I made a huge pot of applesauce the other day, so Travis thought it'd be a great idea to feed some to little V. She didn't really know what to think about them. They mostly ended up down the front of her. I actually hate the baby food stage and don't really look forward to it. But next time we'll start with some rice cereal and veggies.


Red handed. We have a candy jar on the counter and when the twins go potty on the toilet, they get a treat. Well, that never happens, so it's filled with lollipops, M&Ms, peachy O's and licorice. Occasionally the twins will try to steal candy, but usually they get caught. Obviously I didn't catch this theif....she woke up from her nap with the evidence attached to her and 3 wrappers in her bed. Little rascal.

Remlinger Farms.

With Travis hunting, we packed up and headed to Grandma's this weekend. We spent Saturday afternoon at Remlinger Farms. It was very crowded, but we managed to go on rides, pet some animals, eat a bag of kennel corn, and hang out with the Tharaldson's!

Can't wait for next year! It's a hard job wrangling the twins and keeping them from running off. I am hoping next year it'll be easier. Maybe they'll be better at listening then....who am i kidding? I better get used to a life of chaos.

Baby Shaughnessy.

We celebrated Baby Boy Shaughnessy a few weeks back. I love that everyone is having babies. Part of me is eagerly awaiting this baby to arrive so Bergen can have some insight into my life. Thanksgiving couldn't come quicker!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Party Animal.

Partied too hard in her jumper this morning.

Word Up.

When do your children start cleaning and organizing? Oh, and listening too?


My baby is 5 months. I wish I could stop time because I would. She's growing too fast and i want her a baby forever!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Future Ballerina?

This morning Presley insisted on wearing her tutu, then she asked me to take some pictures of her. She posed and said cheese without me telling her to do so. What? I usually have to beg my kids to smile for a photo.
The dance classes in Ellensburg don't start until they turn 3, so she has a few more months to go. Right after this, she grabbed my yoga mat and started her "downward dog" pose. She' such a girl, I love it.

And, just a pic of baby V. She's 5 months today. It's crazy sad how time flies.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Gap.

I do most of the kids's shopping at Baby Gap. There clothes are just the cutest for little ones. But lately, I've been loving their new denim line for adults. I had to take time off while pregnant, but now that I am back in my jeans I can't wait to go and buy some new pairs. If you bring in a used pair of jeans, they'll give you 30% a new pair and an additional 10% if you are a fan on facebook from Oct. 6th-Oct. 20th. Their jeans are only priced around $69, so that's about $40 or so for a pair of jeans...good deal!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Daddy and Daughter.

Whenever I see a dad with his kids, it makes my heart melt. I just think that is the cutest image ever!! Times have been a little hectic here the Gibson house as Nine Pine Developments is taking off at rapid speed, Travis just seems to be someone who pops in late and leaves early. So, these random mornings when he's around are the best. He sits in his chair and the kids just flock to him. One thing about Travis which I love, is he's such a good dad. Another thing about him which I love even more, is that my baby Violet looks so much like him.

Their matching "butt" chins. All my kids have them, it's one of my favorite features about them. Seriously though, besides having my darker blue eyes, she look just like him. Do you ever feel like you just want to squeeze your baby so tight they are that cute? I do. I think her little cheeks get chapped I kiss her so much. I definately know why the babies of the family get spoiled.

Saturday was our 6th anniversary! We celebrated by going to a nice dinner at Swiftwater Winery. Indulged in a bottle of champagne and had such good one on one time, which you know, mostly consists of convos about our kiddos. We exchanged gifts and I was so excited because I got Travis (well, technically he actually bought it) a really nice watch and turns out, he bought me one too!!! Anyways, 6 years, 3 kids, 2 dogs...can't really complain. I am a lucky girl.