Saturday, August 25, 2007

This is Lucy and Lily in the morning when they are going back to bed. Aren't they the cutest dogs in the whole world, also the most spoiled dogs. I just had to show you all how cute they are! I love them!

This is at week 14. I feel like it grows bigger and bigger everyday. I finally can't button my jeans, it's a bit depressing, however it's exciting to know that the babies are growing!!!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

3rd Dr. Appt.

So yesterday I had my 3rd Dr. appointment, I am 13 weeks. It was a quick appointment, just checked my blood pressure, got weighed, and listened to the heartbeats and talked a bit. The heart beats are still very strong. I just love listening to them. It's so amazing. I already love them so much!! I have only gained .5 pounds, I lost a pound last week. I asked the Dr. "How can you loose weight by eating chocolate cake for breakfast and laying on the couch all day?" So far, being pregnant is a great diet. He said since I haven't gained weight in the 1st trimester, it'll be important to gain it in the 2nd trimester. I only have 1 more week until the 2nd trimester, it's so crazy how time flies!!!!

I have my next ultrasound next week, which I am excited to see, it'll be Travis's 1st ultrasound. The babies will be a lot more developed than last time and probably look more like a baby, rather than a tadpole. Then 3 weeks after that, I'll have my ultrasound to find out the sex!!! I can't wait. People always say that a mother can usually tell, and I am almost certain it's a boy and a girl. My trusty little pencil test (which I know some people are laughing at me, but it's NEVER been wrong and it was 100% correct on Grace Gibson-Travis's mom who had 8 kids!) told me it's was a boy and girl. Although, I'll take whatever God gives us!!

So, last week, my mom and I went to Babies 'R Us and we had so much fun! Actually, I think my mom had more fun. She's so amazed at all the new things that they have for babies. We walked down every isle just looking at everything. We LOVE the baby clothes out their right now. I just wanted to buy stuff, because I KNOW the sex (hee hee), but my rational mother told me to wait. A logical decision, I suppose.....Anyways, I bought some books, belly cream and cute little wood signs for the nursery that say, "Thank Heaven for Little Girls/Boys" We bought 2 signs and they're plural, so if it's 2 boys or 2 girls, we can just take the other sign back. I also just bought my car seats and stroller. There is so much I need to get, so I might as well start buying stuff now.

So, I am not sick anymore, but I am exhausted ALL the time. I can't hardly make it through a work day without leaving to go home and taking a nap. A couple episodes of Beverly Hills 90210 and cuddling with my puppies usually helps, but I just don't have the energy to clean or work out. I hate it. My house is a mess. Alison-can you come over again??? j/k Last night, since it was a Friday night, we went to the movies. I actually ran into my "Big Sis" from the sorority, Lindsay, she's 6 months pregnant. She said that I am the most perfect person to have twins. I have actually heard that from a few people. I think they say that because I am actually the LAST person they thought would have twins. Anyways, it's funny because once you are pregnant, EVERYONE seems pregnant.

So, my belly is totally popping out now. As soon as I shower and look decent, we'll take some pics and I'll post them. I am excited for all the see it. It's so cute. I hope everyone is doing well!!