Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving Pics.

We were lucky enough to have a nice Thanksgiving dinner before everything went crazy. Wednesday night we had a nice dinner at my moms, then Thursday we went over to my dads. My dad made each of the twinnies there own seperate apple pie. This was pretty much all they ate. Cash ate almost the entire pie...i think he likes apple pie.
It looks like Presley is reading the newspaper. They LOVE LOVE LOVE their shows.

We took some family pics. Kids are not cooperating anymore during picture time.

No more pics. This supermodel has had her limit.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving to Us!

I had plans for this weekend to be a super fun filled weekend. We were going to hit the aquarium, Zoo, do some shopping, then finish it up with The Santa Train at Snoqualmie on Sunday, but someone upstairs had entirely different plans for us......

I woke up Thanksgiving morning with bad abdominal cramping (not contraction cramping). So bad, it was hard to walk and it hurt very bad to pee. So, of course, I get online, diagnose myself....bladder infection. I spent Thanksgiving drinking 64 oz. of cranberry juice, but without the vodka, so not as much fun. Friday morning, woke up early, the hubby and I headed out to do some shopping while the kiddos were watched by gma. Stomach still hurt but not as bad, but by the end of our trip, I was in pain. We headed to Urgent Care and waited and waited and waited for 3 hours. Finally, the pee test said, "No bladder infection." What? No offense to any dr.'s out there, but they aren't that smart and she didn't really know anything, so that 3 hours of my life was a total waste of time. I feel fine now and have my dr appt this week, so we'll see.

Took the twinnies to Open Gym at Gymboree and then to Pinkalicious Cupcakes where Cash devoured a few cupcakes and threw the ultimate tantrum while leaving screaming, "Bye bye Cupcakes". Travis then met up with friends that night and I went to bed at 8pm. Party. Animal. (This day we were supposed to go to the Aquarium).

Saturday, we were supposed to go to the zoo, but instead, Cash had a brutal cold and when he gets colds, there are BAD. Then at 9am, Presley decided to projectile vomit all over me. That was a first. I thought it was the orange juice and yogurt she had and maybe it just didn't sit well. No fever and she was running around acting normal. After the nap, we headed to Woodinville to finish up some Xmas shopping, got the twinnies a Jamba Juice and went to Target. Had the cart filled with stuff, then as I was looking at Xmas decorations, Presley started to vomit all over the cart and floor. Panic Mode. That was pretty much the rest of the evening. Sick kids. One with a bad cold who can't breath and the other one throwing up. My mom asks, "What are you going to do with 3 sick kids?" No idea. All I am wishing for right now is a gestation period of a few years, May is too soon!

I spent all night up with the kids, we watched The Incredibles and Bee Movie at 2am. It was actually nice, laying in bed with two kids. It doesn't happen often. I was supposed to run in the Seattle Marathon, paid the $80 and signed up ages ago, but then I got knocked up and my plans quickly changed, so then i bought us tickets to go on the Santa Train. Obviously we aren't going to that either. Presley is still having a hard time keeping liquids down and Cash is still a snotty mess.

All in all.....I spent a lot of time cuddling with my babies. They are what I am most thankful for.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Ryder's 2nd Party.

A few weeks back we celebrated the twins's best friend, Ryder's 2nd birthday! He had a cowboy themed party. The ids rode around on stick ponies, played (or tried to play) pin the tail on the donkey, and had pony races. The twins loved it. Ryder aka Birthday Boy. He is such a little cowboy. He's obsessed with anything that has to do with being a cowboy, wearing cowboy boots, belts buckles and hats. He's the most adorable little cowboy.

Eating cupcakes. They still ask for cupcakes. Presley just licked the frosting off but Cash had no problem digging in.

Presley had some seriously static cling with her hair. Balloons would not stop following her. It was so hilarious bc she was just running around like normal with 2 balloons stuck to her hair.

Daddy's Boots.

*** I just through this one in bc she's just too adorable...

Both Cash and Presley love to put our shoes on. You can always find Presley in my closet trying to put on al my high heels and Cash loves to wear Daddy's boots.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Belly Shot.

It's slowly starting to poke out. I love being pregnant with only 1 baby. At 16 weeks last time, I was already showing and now I can still wear my clothes and sleep on my stomach. Sometimes, I even forget that I am pregnant...

Random Pics of the kiddos.

Travis has taken the camera I normally use to work, so I've been bad about taking pics. Also, we've been hibernating in the house until the twins get their 2nd H1N1 vaccine, so we've been lacking on the picture taking, but we have been doing lots of dancing. The twinnies love to dance. Presley loves to dance with Cash. It's so cute. Having twins is simply the best. They always have a playmate. You can tell they just love each other so much. If one of them gets up before the other, they'll stand outside the crib trying to wake the other. If Cash is sad, she'll rub his back or hand him his binky. It's the cutest little bond. I love it.

He's a master of getting to everything on the counter. He'll bring a chair or whatever he can find to stand on. In this particular pic, he wanted a banana. So, he started to grab at them and eat them with the peel on. Yesterday, we made cookies and when I would turn my back, he'd grab cookies. So, my days of having anything on the counters are now over!

Monday, November 16, 2009


So, not only is Gisele the most beautiful and highest paid supermodel, married to dreamy Tom Brady, and has the best hair and body ever.....she looks like this when she is due to give birth next month. This is reason 2, 567 that supermodels are not human.


Sunday, November 15, 2009

One Wish.

If I had one wish to be granted right now, I would choose to be here:

Check it out. It's heavenly....oh and super duper expensive, but like I said, if I had one wish right now.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Dancy Pants.

The twinnies just LOVE to dance.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Please go away...

1. My heartburn. I have never had heart burn, but as of Tuesday night, I've had it constantly. I guess no coffee, chocolate, spicy food or fried food. But, even my bland plain cheerios gave me heart burn. At least eating tums is like eating a piece of candy. I hope this doesn't last.

2. Snow. It's snowing here in Ellensburg. I hate the snow. I means if it's snowing here, it's most likely pouring on the Pass, which means I am stuck in Ellensburg. It's a suffocating feeling, not being able to jump in my car and head over to Seattle. So, hopefully it won't stick bc we have to head over for Thanksgiving, the weekend after, and the weekend after that.

Please go away!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

It's the little things that make me happy!

1. Being pregnant in the winter is the best because it Satsuma Orange season and I go through a box in a few days.

2. Cheerios are the BEST food. Plain. I know, boring, but oh so good! I am one of those annoying moms that doesn't buy sugar cereal, white bread or soda. It's because my mom never did.

3. The Real Housewives of Orange County are BACK. Love it!

4. Watching Cash and Presley rock out to the new Carrie Underwood CD in their carseat.

5. Vegetarian Panini's from Jennikas. Simply the best.

6. All my new christmas cookie cutter and sprinkles...just waiting to bake with the twinnies.

7. Walmart candles..i know, Walmart, but they are the best and oh so cheap.

8. Wedding Cake. I went to a wedding on Saturday and ate 2 pieces. So yummy.

9. Early morning chats w/ the BFF at 7am.

10. Going to bed at 8:30pm.

11. New shows...Mercy, The Good Wife, and Flash Forward.

12. Going on walks with the kids on Fall, crisp days.

13. Leggings....i am pregnant, need I say more?
14. Getting hugs and kisses from Cash and Presley, they are the best.

15. My new Hunter boots...pretty rainboots are important!

16. The hubby and I are going Portland for a weekend...KID FREE.

17. Watching Cash and Presley give hugs and kisses to one another before bed.

18. New Moon coming out in just a few short weeks.

19. Going to Michaels.

20. A brand new episodes of Sesame Street.
21. Dinner with friends on a random Tuesday night, staying out past my bedtime.
22. Most importantly....i felt the little nugget move inside me. I forgot about those butterfly feelings.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Lil Baker.

Cashy helping mommy bake cookies. He mostly just ate the dough, but he had fun.

Snow Bunny

Our little Snow Bunny is all ready for winter.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sweet Babies turn into to Monsters.

Presley's new word is "NO". It's actually not new, but if you ask her a question, her response is 99.9% of the time, "NO".

For example:

Dad: Hey Presley, did you poop your pants?
Dad: Are you lying?

Just after we watched her hunched over and grunting while her face was turning red. Seriously, my kids could care less if they have a load in there pants. It's like wrestling a wild hyena trying to change their pants. I never thought changing their diapers, you'd start to sweat and actually get sore. So, if they want to run around with a load, then so be it....less sweat on my part.

I think to myself many many many times a day, "When do your children start listening to you?" Then I quickly remembered.....NEVER. Oh shit, we have a LONG road in front of us. Fun times.

Today we also came to the conclusion that there will be no more eating out with the children in restaurants. We went out to breakfast this morning and there was a table of 8 teenagers next to us, probably very hungover. Meanwhile, they have our lovely family sitting next to them as Cash is tugging on one of the guys coat, yelling "Booyah", trying to fist bump him. I am sure we were a giant dose of birth control. Take out is all we get or if we're lucky, a babysitter. Sad...since eating out is one of my favorite hobbies.

Also, this daylight savings time is killing me, it's 6:50 and it's feels like 10 and we still have an hour and 10 minutes until bedtime. AHhhhhhhhhhhh......

Now, I have to get to cleaning my kitchen for the 1, 234, 456th time today. Ahhhhhhh....

Trick or Treat?

Halloween is my new favorite holiday. Having kids makes it so much more fun. This year was so much fun, now that the kids are able to walk around and get the concept of Trick or Treating. In Ellensburg, all the downtown businesses hand candy out and it starts at 3pm, which i perfect for us...still light out and we can be home to hand out candy at our house. The kids immediately figured out how to Trick or Treat. Cash was more of a wild man (hence the lion costume), he loved to run around and was in his own little world, where as Presley, was VERY serious. She knew exactly what to do. She walked right up and took a piece of candy (2-3 pieces if she could and usually she did bc everyone thought she was so cute!).

This is one of my favorite photos. I am going to definately get this blown up. How cute.

The newspaper in town takes pics of all the kids, then publishes them in their newspaper the next day.

They loved playing with all their candy after we got home.

Presley was already in the candy this morning, she had Junior Mints for breakfast. So delicious.
Halloween is also Travis's birthday. He turned 31. It's hard bc it's kind of overshadowed by the kids, but after the kids went down, he got all dressed up as a sumo wrestler and went out with his friends. I stayed behind and was asleep by 9pm...i know, i am such a wild women. He was home by 12:30. Life has changed. We love it though.