Thursday, January 24, 2008

Dr. Appt.

Today I had a dr. appt. My belly measured 47 weeks, last week it was 44 and the week before it was 41, so these babies are growing! My blood pressure was a bit higher and I gained some weight. It's pretty common at the end for higher blood pressure and more weight gain, usually it's water weight, but I was wearing shoes, sweater, etc, which I normally don't wear on the scale.

I go in tomorrow to the hospital for a non-stress test, which they make sure that the babies are stressed at all and they keep an eye on their fetal movement and heart rate.

The dr. also checked my cervix and I am dialated to 1 cm, which is nothing really, you can be that dialated for weeks before giving birth.

So, we'll see......these babies have to cook for another few weeks!! I can't wait to be done!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

35 Weeks!!!

I am so ready to give birth right now! I feel like my stomach is going to rip open. I can't hardly sleep, so I take naps all day and it just getting harder and harder to bend over and get things done around the house.

Any day now!! My brother thinks they'll come on Monday, the 28th. I hope he's right.

We decided on names for sure right now: Presley Marie and Sawyer Vince. Marie is my middle name and Vince in Travis's Dad's middle name. I can't wait to meet the little ones:) They are moving so much right now. They move my entire stomach and it's so fun to watch.

This weekend was relaxing, didn't do a whole lot. Travis and I bought a video camera, so we will be able to take a lot of videos! We also took our last trip to Costco (my new favorite store)! Thats about it. Life is so exciting when you are 9 months pregnant.

Anyways, I'd post belly pics, but I am too tired and don't feel like it right now. We have our last birthing class tonight, Travis is excited!

Other than that......just waiting. Keep your fingers crossed that I'll go into labor sooner than later! One thing is for sure.....I am NEVER getting pregnant again! I know that twins will be a lot of work but I don't ever want to go through another 9 months pregnant again!


Wednesday, January 16, 2008

More Maternity Pics........

Maternity Pictures!!!

These are the maternity pictures that I had done. They were taken by Ross James Photography. I think they did a fantastic job and could not have had a more wonderful and fun experience. If anyone is interested in getting their pictures done, let me know because I highly recommend them!!! These were taken when I was 29 weeks.

Monday, January 14, 2008

34 weeks!

At this point I am so happy that I am not an elephant because their gestation period is 22 months! I am so ready to get these babies out. My belly feels like a balloon and it's ready to pop!

I had a dr. appt this morning. Everything went well. Gained only a pound, the belly measured 44 weeks, listened the heart beat and my blood pressure is slowly getting higher:( I can feel my heart beat faster when I move around a lot, which isn't very often, but I can feel it. The dr. says I am having a wonderful twin pregnancy. We talked about delivery options, whether or not to have a c-section or to deliver vaginally. Since both babies are head down, I am going to try to deliver vaginally. So basically we just wait until I go into labor. Hopepfully they can wait a few more weeks just to make sure that their lungs are fully developed.

Sleeping is getting more and more difficult and moving around hurts more, basically, I am tired of being pregnant and I am so happy that I don't have to go to 40 weeks!

I just got my car seats certified and learned how to fasten them in the car correctly. That was so exciting! You'd actually be quite surprised because 4 out of 5 people use their car seats incorrectly. ( My life has changed dramatically!)

Other than that, nothing much is going on. Just relaxed all weekend and watched football-yes, I actually enjoy watching football now, which must be a hormonal thing bc I despised it before.

Anyways, just counting the days down.....20 left!! I can't believe it:)

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Ultrasound Appointment

Today I had an ultrasound appointment, which went really well. Both babies are head down!! That is good, however I was starting to get used to idea of having a c-section. The thought of going through labor terrifies me!

Both babies are measuring perfect. They are about 4.5 pounds each, but that is just an estimate, ultrasounds are unable to give an exact weight. But still, that means I have at least 9 pounds of baby inside me! That just seems crazy! Now I know where all the weight gain has been, at least it's not on my butt:)

So, now we just have to wait until they come. Hopefully at least 36-37 weeks, which is only 2 weeks away! I can't believe how fast it's gone and how quickly they'll be at home.

My belly is getting bigger and bigger and bigger. I can't wait to see my feet again and wear my normal clothes. I can tell my body is starting to get ready for these babies to come. I have been really lucky to have such a smooth pregnancy. I am starting to get tired again and often take afternoon naps and lately I've been sleeping in unitl 9 or so. After Travis leaves in the morning, it's nice to have the bed to myself! I haven't slept a full night in so long, but I am just getting used to it, bc it'll probably be a long time before that happens again! Poor Travis.....I toss and turn all night. We have a fan on and the humidifier going on and I'm still hot. Our house temperature is only 65 degrees also, so our house is freezing. So far lately I have been craving satsuma oranges, I go through a few boxes a week. I am going to panic when the season is over. Other than that, I have just been really thirsty, drinking a ton of water, which leads many trips to the bathroom. Which actually on the ultrasound today you could see his head resting right on top of my bladder, so that explains a lot!

I had another birthing class last night. Travis wasn't able to make it bc he had a meeting, so I had to go by myself:( We had to watch the birth video which was circa 1990 and they had much different hairdo's and words they used. Anyways, I squirmed through the entire 18 minute video. It was awful to watch and I am absolutely terrified of giving birth. I wasn't before that, however I am now! Oh well, millions of women go through it, so I know I can, it'll be all about drugs!

Anyways, my next ultrasound will be when I am in labor....crazy! My next dr. appt is on Monday. It's getting closer and much as I want these little ones out, they have to stay in as long as possible so they can be healthy!!! I just can't wait to meet them!

I'll keep you all updated!!!

Monday, January 7, 2008

33 weeks

I am now 33 weeks. Yea! I can't believe that the day is almost here:) I am actually so relieved and quite sick of being pregnant. I just have to make it to 35 weeks, then anytime after that......who knows when they'll come.

I have an ultrasound on Thursday, so we'll see if she's still breach, which I think she is. I would have felt her turned if she had, and I don't think she has. I am ok with a c-section though. My dr. says that he'll wait for me to go into labor rather than scheduling a time to go in for the surgery.

They are just growing, moving and taking as much energy as possible!! I feel like I am about to explode. I am so uncomfortable:(

I'll keep everyone updated on the ultrasound appt and next dr appt, which are both on Thursday.

Sorry it took me forever to upload some pics...our computer has been difficult.

Pre Baby Belly

I just wanted to remince on what my belly used to look like. Oh, the days where I could bend over, shave my legs, paint my toes, wear my clothes, sleep on my stomach, drink wine, eat sushi..........but one thing is for sure, these babies will definately be worth it:)

More Nursery Pics

I organized the closet a bit and put up shelving. I still need to get letters for above the cribs, but we are still indecisive about the boy's name. It's coming together:)

32 Weeks Belly Pics

I can't even believe my belly could get that big.'s unbelievable!!!
PS...yes, this is what I wear on a daily basis! oh, and so stretch marks:)

31 weeks Belly Pics

I am getting bigger and bigger....................