Monday, July 25, 2011

Life in the Gibson House.

It's been a busy summer so far, that is my excuse for the lack of blog posts.  My other excuse is that I am just lazy and don't feel like taking the time to upload.  And the third excuse is I left my camera at my dad's house that has lots of fun pics.  I finally got a super cool phone.  I've always been a bit behind in technology.  I hate complicated phones.  I really just need to text and call people.  But, since Violet dumped my ghetto circa 2008 phone in a glass of water, I was forced to belly up and get a new phone.  Don't ask me what kind, all I know is I can take good pics, get on the internet and it's super confusing to get any contacts in. 

Travis and I headed to Portland a few weeks ago, with our good friends the Burtnesses.  We ate, shopped, ate more, drank some, and enjoyed no kids for a few days.  It was such a wonderful time.  Travis and Ross had a work meeting, so Abby and I shopped.  Shopping in Portland with no kids and no tax is dangerous.  Abby used to live there and Ross works down there quite a bit, so they knew all the fun places to go.  We had to most delicious sushi dinner ever!  So, it was fun to catch up.

Between camping, Portland, and Chelan, we've been gone a lot.  Today it's pouring down rain and I have so much laundry to get done.  I am having a garage sale this weekend, so I have been piling stuff in garage.  Everything must go.  I am even selling my kitchen table.  We are getting new floors in next week and ripping out all the carpet.  I am so beyond excited!  Also, we are getting some built in shelving in the dining room.

Anyways, all is well.  Kids still drive me nuts, house is still messy and I've yet to shower before 4pm. 


Travis finally took off some time from work and we went to Chelan.  I invited our good friends, the Tharaldson's and had so much fun.  We played on the beach, in the pool, went blueberry picking, tasted wines, and had a blast!  Now it's back to reality and 10 loads of laundry.

Eating Ice Cream.
V sitting in Nolan's walker.
Little Nolan...full of smiles.

V with Grandpa Randy.
Ice Cream

Eric made the best ribs one night.  I don't eat ribs and even I ate them! 

Such a fun time.  We got back on Saturday and realized the Presley had left her bunny under the bed.  So, on Sunday, we hopped in the car and drove back to Chelan to pick it up.  Luckily our neighbors here in Ellensburg are renting a house right on the beach for the summer, so we spent all day Sunday playing in the 90 degree weather!! 

Sleeping Lady.

We packed up the family last Sunday and headed to The Sleeping Lady Resort in Leavenworth. It's back on Icicle Road and a few miles from Leavenworth, right on the river. The food served is all organic and healthy. They have a pool and tons of little pathways to walk/ride bikes on. We were headed to Chelan on Monday, so it was perfect. Travis has a house he's building in Leavenworth, so he needed to stop and check on it.


Travis and I put the kids to bed, bought a bottle of wine and played Scrabble by candlelight on the front porch, we felt like such a old couple.  (I am currently obsessed with Words With Friends on my Ipad.)  It was such a nice way to start the week. 

Friday, July 8, 2011

Read this!

i am sitting here blogging, while poor Travis's phone is blowing up. Anyhow, we are off to a kid-free weekend to Portland to do what I do best, shop and eat!

So, I am wiping the tears off my face because I just read the funniest post!! Read it, I promise you'll laugh, if not, there is something wrong with you.

Sorry....I am still learning on the iPad, so cut and paste the link.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


I successfully made it through a full weekend of camping!  We went up in the Teanaway, which is by Cle Elum, so only about 40 minutes away from our house.  Our campsite was next to a river, which had a great sandy beach.  We spent all day Saturday in the sun, on the beach.  The kids played in the sand and water, while I got to relax on the beach. 
 Eating dinner.

 Our camper and Travis's new truck, which he bought last week.  It's so nice.  Our camper is a 2004 and sleeps 10.  It has a shower/bath (so I got to shower and so did the kids), toilet, oven, stovetop, sink, heat/ac, microwave, fridge, and tv/dvd player, so we definately aren't roughing it.
 The front pops out, so it's a king size bed. 
 Morning time.  The kids got up at 6am both mornings.  I was good and went to bed at 11pm, where as Travis stayed up till 3am. 

 Violet sleeping on Uncle Danny. 
 This is me after 2 days of camping....aren't I pretty?

I have to admit that I had such a great time!  It's nice to relax with the family and Travis didn't have a phone or email access all weekend, so that was a blessing!  

Happy 4th!!

Future Rock Star.

 I think she's got the makings of a future rock star??