Tuesday, April 29, 2008

11 Weeks old today!

Gosh.....11 weeks already! I can't believe it! They have been growing so much lately that I have already accumulated a pile of clothes that they no longer fit into. They also have out grown their little heads rests in their car seats. So sad....my babies are growing!

Cash has been loving his tummy time! He rolled over the other day. I don't know if he meant to do it or it was by accident, but he's so strong!

Presley isn't really into tummy time. She just lays there. Her little cheeks are really starting to get pudgy. I love them! Every day she becomes more and more of a spitting image of her daddy! It's hilarious. They are exactly alike. She also has quite the litte temper on her! Cash is a lot more easy going. She's fiesty!

Last night they slept until 5am!! Yea!! Mom and dad got a straight 6 hours of sleep:) I have been going to the gym and they love being in the daycare. They just sit in their car seats and watch the little kids play. They are very popular and the little kids just love them!!

Yesterday, we met my friend Courtney and her little boy Ryder and Amy and her little boy Hudson yesterday for a walk. It was such a nice day out! It's nice to get out and socialize with people! It breaks up the day and it allows me to actually have adult conversation, even though it's mostly about babies.

Days still fly by! I really feel like I am getting the hang of this whole parenting thing and enjoying it very much! I am so lucky to have such good little babies, they make this so much easier. Well, as I am writing this, both babies are screaming in their swings....it's amazing how quickly you learn to tune out a babies cry.......

This weekend is Bergen's 30th!!!!!!!!! Grandma Karen is babysitting. I am actually going to be away from the babies for more than an hour. I am nervous...............

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Prince Cash and Princess Presley

These outfits are just too cute to not pass up a photo-op! Thanks to Mama Peggy for the outfits:) Don't you just love Presley's hair....it naturally sticks up. We call her "Ernie" because the picture of baby Ernie on her diaper shoes a picture of him with just a little poof of hair on top. She's just too cute for words:)

Baby's 1st Baseball Game!

On Saturday we went to Selah to watch our Nephew, Ben's, baseball game. He's plays on varsity for Ellensburg High School. This is the old field that Travis played during high school for both high school and his summer league, the Pepsi Paks. It was such a nice day, 70 degrees. The babies did a pretty good job. It's crazy how much you have to pack to just go to a baseball game. The babies just hung out in their babybjorn's. Thank god they had hats on because I got a lot of sun on my face. In about 15 years I am sure we'll be spending a lot of time at that field, but instead we'll be watching Cash #8 play.

Saturday Morning Cartoons!

I was a big believer that I wasn't going to put my kids in front of the television, but my thoughts on that have completely changed! This is the babies watching their Saturday morning cartoons. They can sit in their bouncers for an hour after their morning feeding and are just so mesmorized my the television. Weekdays it's Sesame Street. I figure as this young of age, it can't do that much harm? It keeps them occupied while I eat breakfast:)

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Bottle Boy

Last night when I was giving the kids their bedtime bottle, Cash decided that he was a "big boy" and wanted to hold his own bottle! It was the cutest thing ever....I couldn't resist to take pictures. He's such a little pig. Whenever you take the bottle out of his mouth he cries and cries and gets so mad!
I finally broke down two weeks ago and started to give them a formula bottle before bed. They are growing so fast and I felt like I was nursing/pumping all the time. I just couldn't keep up with them. Oh well, I feel like I have been able to accomplish a lot by having them have only breast milk for their first few months. I just have to remember that I have two babies to feed!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

10 weeks old today!

Wow-time flies! I can't believe the twinies are 10 weeks today. They are growing and changing everyday! It's just amazing that they were inside of me. I am truely blessed for having these little angels in my life. I can't imagine what my life would be like without them!

I am so sick today. I got a cold last week, but i thought it went away and then yesterday it starting to flare up again and today....boom-I am sick! It's so much harder to be sick and have to take care of babies. Luckily they are still sleeping a lot and I am able to take it easy. Travis said he'd come home from work early today so that I could take a nap. I think from working out everyday to not having a lot of sleep, it all just has caught up with me. I haven't been sick in over a year. Arg.......

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Bath Time!!

Bath time is getting more and more enjoyable for the babies! They are getting so big that soon they won't be able to fit in their bathtub. I try to give them more baths because they are quite ripe after a day or two. We just love them after bath time because they smell so good and we can't get enough kisses!

9 week pictures!!!

Presley is always smiling! She just got interested in the television! I bought them a Baby Einstein DVD and she absolutely loves it! She'll watch it straight through (30 minutes) while in her bouncer. It's so cute! Just in the last week or so she's filled out her little cheeks and her legs. This is her new little GAP outfit. Mom loves BabyGap!!
Cash is also starting to smile. The twins are finally starting to fit into their 3 month clothes, so I have been putting them in new little outfits. This outfit lasted about an hour before his diaper blew out and he needed a new one. I am constantly changing their outfits and doing laundry!
Little Presley! She's starting to enjoy diaper changes and coos and smiles the entire time!
These are their fleece sleep sacs. I wish they made them in my size!
They are kind of starting to acknowledge each other. I just can't wait until they start playing with each other. They are going to be the perfect little playmates!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

2 Month Appointment

Today was Cash and Presley's 2 month appointment with Dr. Larsen. It was quite a success! Both babies are growing.

Presley weighed 9.3 ozs. and was 21 inches long. She is still a little peanut in the 5th percentile. She is however getting chubby cheeks and a little roll is starting to form on her little legs. She passed all the questions, she's cooing, grabbing at things, maintaining eye contact, she can lift her head up 45 degrees and her hearing is working:)

Cash weighed 9.6 ozs. and was 22 inches long. He's in the 10th percentile. He too passed all the questions.

We finished our appointment with 3 shots:( 2 shots in the left upper thigh and 1 in right upper thigh. Cash's face turned purple he was crying so hard. For a second there I thought the poor child stopped breathing. Poor little Presley has tears streaming down the side of her face. It was such an awful sight! I am so glad that is over! But, moments later they were asleep in their car seats, so I know they won't remember:)

I woke up today with a sore throat. Yuck! I hate being sick and I have dodged being sick all cold season, but of course at the very end of it I had to get a bug. Hopefully it won't stay long!

So, our day so far as flown by. The kids are asleep in their swings. I think I might try to get a nap in...........

Monday, April 14, 2008

8 Week Pictures

Presley has this little patch of hair that has a mind of it's own!
Bubba got a new hat. It's doesn't quite fit him yet.
Uncle Austin giving Presley a kiss.
Bubba in his new hat with Auntie Lanie giving him a smooch!
Presley with her new hat on, but she was not having it!

Two Peas In a Pod!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

8 Weeks OLD!!!

Oh where does the time go?? I can't believe these little bundles of joy are already 8 weeks old! On Saturday they will turn 2 months! I look at these babies everyday and I can't imagine how I carried them until 38 weeks and they used to be inside of me!

The time goes by so fast! Before you know it they'll be walking and talking! They already have changed. They have been smiling more and more and are trying to hold their heads up. Cash is so strong and when you hold him he loves to use you as a jumperoo! Presley isn't as strong but very alert! Cash is almost outgrowing his newborn clothing and I just switched him to size 1 diapers! Presley is more of a little peanut, but also getting bigger!

Next week they go in for their 8 week checkup and to start their vaccinations. They were supposed to go tomorrow, but since we are going to be out of town, we had to reschedule. I can't wait to get them weighed and measured. Last time, poor little Presley was only in the 5th percentile, so we'll see how she's measuring up.

People are always asking me "how I do it?" I acutally don't know it any other way, so for me 2 babies is normal. So, no offense to these people that have 1 baby, but when I hear them talk about how difficult it is, it's hard to have sympathy because I have 2 babies. I have twice as many diapers, twice as many feedings, and twice as many babies crying.

I am getting so used to going everywhere with 2 babies. One car seat in each hand. Luckily, I haven't had to work on toning my arms so far, because lugging 2 car seats is enough of a work out. I think my arms are smaller and more toned now than they were before. It's the simplest things I miss the most, like being able to just run to the grocery store, video store, etc. Now, it's such a hassle to get 2 babies ready, that most of the time, I just won't go.

The days just fly by. I wake up and before you know it, it's dinner time. It's crazy. Alison was over last week and she can vouch for me because it was 5 o'clock and she was amazed at how the day just flew by and all we did that day was go to the gym and come home.

My job is 24 hours a day/7 days a week!!!

Today we are off to Seattle. It's crazy how much more we need to pack for just these little babies! I am so excited! I haven't left Ellensburg since November!! I am going stir crazy and with daddy out of town, I get to shop, eat at PCC everyday and see friends and family!

Travis has been so busy with work. He has been in the process of starting his own company for a while now, but just recently he has made the switch and gave notice to Kensington (his current employer). Travis's new company that he started with his friend Chris is called Nine Pine Developments. They are off to a great start! I have such great confidence in Travis, that I know whatever he does, he'll succeed! I am just waiting for my dream home with a pool to be built!! (Hopefully soon!)

Anyways, off to pack!!!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Last of the 7 weeks pictures.....

I still can't believe that the babies are already going to be 8 weeks tomorrow! It just feels like yesterday that they were born. On Wednesday we are making our trek over to the west side to the grandparents house until Sunday. Daddy is going to Arizona for a wedding, so we thought we'd take this opportunity to go visit !!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

1st Night Out!

My BF Alison came over for a few days to help out with the twins. I thought I'd maybe venture out for the first time while Aunt Alayna and Daddy stayed with the babies. It was too hard to be away and I lasted for a hour and half. I missed my family too much!!!

Mom and Daughter

I thought maybe I'd try to put a scarf on Presley's head, she was not having it!

Auntie Alayna

Auntie Alayna came over to help with the babies!

All Smiles!!

Cash was all smiles this morning after his feeding and diaper change! Both Cash and Presley have been smiling more and more!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

7 Weeks!!

I just think Cash is the most adorable baby ever! I am not just saying bc he's mine. He just has the most perfect features. Plus, he looks exactly like me when I was a baby and I was beautiful:) hee hee!! He was so content after his bath and feeding laying on his play yard, which is so not like him. Perfect picture moment!!
This picutre makes me laugh. Presley was just a little terror this morning. Cash is looking at her like, "What is your problem?" So funny. They don't interact with each other yet. I read that twins don't really acknowledge each other until they are about 5 months old yet. I just love it when they cry.....the bottom lip pout is so cute:)

They are starting to smile. I have been trying to get a picture of them smiling, but it's hard to get an exact pic. He layed on his play yard for almost an hour today without crying. I was able to feed Presley, while he just layed there contently.
Presley after her tantrum. She was smiling, so I was trying to get a picture. She's such a cutie pie! Her eyes are getting bigger and bigger. She's absolutely adorable!!