Monday, November 22, 2010

Big kid beds.

Well.....the twinnies are in big beds now! Travis and I painted the room yesterday and set up their beds today. It's still a work in progress. My mom will be making them custom headboards and bed skirts and I am still getting the decorations completed. But, they had their first successful nap today! Wahoo............

They are so excited! Finally, Violet will be moving into Presley's crib!!

Peas Please?

She loves her food! But Peas....not so much.

Ryder turns 3!

We celebrated Ryder's 3rd birthday. The twins LOVE parties. They LOVE cake. They LOVE opening presents. Cooper, Cash, Presley, Gracie and Ryder.

We love Ryder!

Ryder got a camera and was quite the photog!


there isn't anything much cuter than a little girl with a new haircut.


i am thankful for these 3. they are precious.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Ramblings from a bored housewife.

  • It's so annoying when you cut a apple and sit down to eat it, only to find out it's gross. All that time was wasted cutting it.
  • Spend $1.08 on popcorn when you first get to Target. It allows you a good 30 minutes of quiet shopping time when your with 3 kids.
  • You can make just about anything in a crock pot.
  • Egg Nog lattes from Starbucks are worth every penny.
  • Sitting on my butt during naptime is waaayy better than running on the treadmill.
  • Sleeping in the middle of the bed by yourself is way more comfy than sharing it with a husband.
  • Modern Family is the best show on TV, aside from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Camille Grammer is ridiculous.
  • Hunting season is my least favorite time of year.
  • I haven't had my hair dyed in 5 months.....isn't that ombre look popular right now?
  • I can't wait for Burlesque.
  • I am on my 2nd (big) bag of mint m&ms....they are heavenly.
  • Violet started army crawling.
  • I am eagerly anticipating for one of my best friends to become a mother for the first time. I can't wait for her to experience to best feeling EVER! I don't think you really know what it's like to be in love until you have a child.
  • I am secretly jealous of Kate Middleton.
  • Ryan Reynolds...damn, why can't I be Scarlett Johansen.
  • I find it bit of coincedence that Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey both got engaged within a week of each other. I felt a bit nostalgic and busted out the show ever.
  • Cash woke up from his nap and instead of coming out and saying, "what's up mom" as he usually does, he walked out with no diaper on. I asked him, "where is your diaper?" He replied, "I took it off and went poops on the floor." I went into his room and sure enough, there was poop on the floor and then he started to point to my bedroom and tell me he pooped in my bedroom also. do I applaud him for not pooping in his diaper and his honesty?

Anyways, that's it.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Trick or Treat Video.

The twinnies were the perfect little trick-o-treaters!

Trick or Treat Video

Twinnies Trick or Treat Video.

Watching this cracks me up. As I've said before, they fought over who would ring the doorbell. Also, the doorbell wasn't working, so Cash's answer to everything that doesn't work is, "It needs batteries." Hilarious. These little twinnies make me laugh. Everyday.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Baby V.

She's sitting up now!1

I just love this girl.

Strike a pose.

Presley LOVES getting her picture taken. Most times, she asks for me to take a pic. Best of all, she poses....I love it.

....and Cash HATES his picture taken.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Half a year.

It's been half a year so far, since this little bundle of joy was brought into our lives.
She's a momma's girl...big time!
She loves to gives kisses.
She loves being held.
She hates not being held.
She loves rice cereal, avocados, and sweet potatoes.
She loves her binky.
She hates a bottle and loves the boob.
She loves to pull her sissy's hair.
14.1 oz-10%
25 1/4 inches 30%
She's a peanut.

The many faces of V.

All within 5 minutes. Such a girl.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Travis and I took the kids trick or treating around our neighborhood on Sunday. My mom stayed behind with baby Violet and handed out candy to all the trick or treaters, which we got a lot!! Thank goodness I sent Travis to the store for candy and he came back with 6 bags, which at first I thought was a little much, but we ended with just half a bag left! Our pumpkins....i know, they are not the most attractive pumpkins, but the kids painted them themselves. We started out with green, red, yellow, black and white paint, but with 2 year olds, they mixed them together and we got "gray"! The pumpkin that was carved, was carved about a month ago, so it had a good run!
Getting ready. This was round 2, so they knew the drill.

They were fighting over who would ring the doorbell. Screaming match, which I am sure the people didn't even need a doorbell because they had blood curdling screams instead. Presley was using her candy bag as a weapon, smacking Cash. We got it all on all video, which is hilarous!!

Halloween is also Travis's birthday. I made him a german chocolate cake from scratch, which is actually very tedious and I am quite proud of myself! It was delicious.

We had a few of Travis's family over for cake. I got Travis a Flip camera, which actually, I got for myself too. It's such a handy little thing to have!! I love it. So, overall it was a good Halloween celebration and the twins loved every second. On Monday at 8am, Presley had her costume on and was ready to go trick or treating.

Happy 32nd Birthday Travis! We love you!