Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sweet Baby V.

Violet continues to be a good baby. She's pretty content. She likes to be held. She's rolling everywhere. She loves her baths. She's hate bottles, we are still trying to work on this, so I can get a break. She has been sleeping from 8-6am, then up and back down until 8am. She's so cute, I just want to sqeeze her!!
We've been busy, but I am just kinda sick of taking pics. I have been bad about bringing my camera and honestly, I have my hands full, so taking pics is not really a thought. We have been staying busy, enjoying this amazing weather. Taking lots of walks, runs, trips to park, gymnastics, and play dates. Travis and I celebrate our 6 year anniversary on Saturday! Grandma is coming to babysit because we are going out! Travis is still crazy busy and hasn't had a day off in a long time, hunting season started, so on top of working crazy hours, he gets up at 4am to hunt, then goes to work right after (one of the perks working in Cle Elum amongst the mountains). So, I am a single mom, just barely hanging on. I actually was going on a run through CWU's campus and it made me nostalgic for those days. Life was simple. I miss simple, but I definately don't miss being poor or studying.....

Nap time.

Cash is starting to HATE to get his pic taken. I guess he's probably sick of it now that I've take about 1 million photos of him. He's sick of the paps.

Presley on the other hand is a little ham.

Quick Fix.

This is what happens when the twins decide to wake up at 4:30am, turn on all the lights, including our bedroom, and want to play...I turn to desperate measures. Duct tape. It's the quick fix to this problem. I got back into bed and Travis asked me what I did, "I duct taped the light switch off." What? You don't all do that?


So, instead of cleaning during naptime, what am I doing? Blogging, catching up on all the new shows and working out. All of this can wait for later.....The bad part is, is the cleaning ladies came on Tuesday, it is now Thursday. 2 days people....2 days.My number 1 thing I HATE to do, unload the dishwasher.

Obviously I have a lot of toys....hmmm...maybe some of the 11 million recalled Fisher Price toys are in here and I can get rid of some. Trust me, I clean this room, then 5 minutes later it is destroyed. I give up.

My number 2 thing I HATE the most, folding laundry and putting it away.

I also organize this closet too almost daily...i give up. Simple give up.
You see when I say life as a stay at home mom isn't glamorous, it isn't. Mama needs a drink.

Watch This.

This is reason #500 why I love Justin Timberlake.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Matchy Match.

One of my favorite things is buying new pjs at Costco. I don't think I've ever left there w/out a few pairs. I love it now even more when I can get the girls matching sets! Presley is such a good big sister.

Tummy Time.

Violet is quite the little rolly polly lady now. Rolling around, hardly staying in one spot. She loves to play with her toys and really loves her toes.

Making her laugh is my favorite thing to do. The sound of a baby's laughter is the best sound ever. She's a giggly little girl with lots to say, imagine that??? Our house is rarely quiet, so she fits in real well.

I am addicted....

to magazine subscriptions. These all came in ONE day.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Hunter Boots.

Last year I bought a pair of Hunter wellies. I love them. However, they get chalky and it drives me CRAZY! Anyways, this spray is the solution. Just simply spray and wipe with a cloth and no longer will they be chalky!!!

Nine Pine Event

Travis had an event at the home he just recently finished. Normally, when he finishes a home he doesn't have an event, but since this home is really exciting for him, they had one for the trades that worked on the house. We had food and drinks and it was lovely to see all his hard work come together. The Kittitas Tour of Homes starts this weekend and then after that, every weekend into October the Green Demonstration Project will have tours. So, basically I might as well kiss my husband goodbye and I'll see him in November. It's a rare occasion I actually get a good pic of the kids and I.
Those breadsticks were her "chopsticks" and that's what she ate for dinner last night.

Linda, who is a former client of Travis's and has become friends of ours, holding baby V.

The front.

The back.

Ok, so finishing this house is a big deal. Travis has lost sleep over this house and as his wife, I am so glad it's over! I have basically been a single mother all week. I told him I deserve a much needed Spa day! He did bring home a case of wine last night, so maybe that was his way of making up for his absence.
On a side note: They just opened an amazing winery in Suncadia called Swiftwater Cellars. We bought into their wine club and we were lucky enough to have my mom watch the kiddos last weekend to attend their grand opening. It's building, view, and food are amazing. Lonestar played and it was so much fun to have a night out! So, if you are ever up there, I encourage you to visit and eat at the restuarant! Wood fired pizzas and great steaks!

Toddler for Sale.

So, I am about to put this cute blue eyed and blond haired boy on Craigslist. Don't let his cuteness fool you. He's been quite the terror lately and I need to save my sanity.

Just kidding, obviously! I just wish sometimes he's be a little gentler, a little less whiney and a lot less poopy (he poops like 4 times a day! tmi, i know)!

4 months.

Violet is getting bigger and bigger. I wish I could just stop time and keep her small. It makes me sad that the baby stage is so quick! her stats:
12.11lbs 25%
23.5 inches 25%

Thursday, September 16, 2010


I love it when I come across a new website. Zulily website is like Gilt but for kids. I love Gilt, so I when I found Zulily I was so happy! I have bought some fun wall decor for the twins's new room and just found some cute shoes for Presley. Check it out!

ps. Travis has hijacked my camera to take photos of his projects and has had it for the past week, so that is why there is a lack of photos. However, I am going to steal it back and get you all updated as quickly as possible bc we've been busy and i know you are all dying to see pics of family!! j/k

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Nine Pine

Travis is nearly done with this home. which will be featured in the Tour of Homes up at Suncadia starting this weekend. I toured the home this past weekend and it's beyond amazing.

Thursday, September 9, 2010


This morning as I was sitting at my kitchen table, eating my oatmeal, sipping my coffee, I had just fed and changed baby Violet, put her for her morning nap, made the twinnies homemade waffles, filled their cups with apple juice and was browsing my favorite blogs. Most of the blogs I visit, I have no idea who these people are, but when then announce they are pregnant, get married, find the perfect leather jacket or prepare a yummy meal, I get excited for them. Well, today as I was looking at a blog I enjoy Casey culture, she had a post that made me stop and actually shed a few tears. I was looking a picture of babies who are affected by the terrible flood in Pakistan. I was devasted at by saw. Babies, with no diapers and no milk. As a mother, I cannot imagine not being able to give my children the necessities, such as diapers and milk. So, almost instantly I clicked out of the website (I can't look at pictures like that) and then quickly headed to World Vision and donated money. If you are reading this and can afford just $25, you should do so also. I feel very fortunate to live the life I do and I feel even better that I can help others.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Kim Charie Photography

Back in July ( I can't believe it's September), we got our photos taken by Kim Charie. Here are just a few of my favorites! I just really loved how she captured our family. BTW, getting family pics is such a production. Getting everyone looking at the camera is nearly impossible....
I highly recommend her...she's so talented and I can't wait until our next session!

Travis is Famous!

Travis is currently building a home in Suncadia that is getting a lot of press. He had an article written up about it in the Seattle Times.

The Seattle Times

I am so proud of him because he has been working so hard lately. Often times not getting a wink of sleep. It's nice to see all his hard work paying off!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Update on the Bottle Dilemma.

The doorbell rang and the dogs barked, so I had to jump up and get the door before the dogs woke the kids up, I tripped on Cash's remote control car, stubbed my toe (it's bleeding and still throbbing) and graciously recieved my well awaited package. You'd think I was talking about my super cute new Frye boots that I got during the Nordstrom sale, but no, I have in my hands what may be the key to my freedom....the "Tommee Tippee". I opened it up, sanitized it, put the pot of hot water on the stove, filled the bottle and placed the bottle to be heated. All this, my heart is beating, fast. She begins to stir...she's awake. Okay, deep breath. I grab her, place her sweet little body in my lap. Kiss her, watch her smile at me, we chat for a bit...I try to explain to her that if she does not take this bottle, this will be a very long year for mommy. So, with that said, I place the bottle into her mouth. Drumroll please......she took it! Yes, that is correct. Within seconds she was hammering down 4 oz of milk!! Wahoo. Operation Freedom is planned for Saturday night bitches. Momma is coming out!!!

Now, I must go and change her explosion of a diaper and tend to my sick kids. Oh ya, I didn't mention that. The twins have temperatures. Ya, my life is fabulous. Now, do you understand why getting Violet to take a bottle so Mommy can have a night out is the most important thing on my mind right now??

Bottle Dilemma.

With the twins, I never had this issue. Mostly because there were two of the them and almost immediately from birth they were given a bottle. But, with Violet she's exclusively been breastfed. I gave her bottle at about 10 weeks when Travis and I were going out and my mom was watching her. So, she's had 2 bottles in 4 months. Well, now she refuses a bottle. Absolutely hates them.

Well, now that Labor Day is approaching and it's usually a super fun filled weekend here in Ellensburg, Mommy would like to go out and have some fun, the fun that usually consists of drinks, so I am in dire straits here trying to get her to drink a bottle. I broke out the big guns the other day and overnighted a "Tommee Tippee" bottle, which I heard is the best. So, I spent $20 on overnight shipping a $6 bottle. Yes, I know, a bit desperate. So today when the FedEx man comes, I will probably kiss him and hug him and cross my fingers this baby works. But, don't worry, I have back up, is overnighting a few other bottles that have had rave reviews on the this same issue. So, cross your fingers and pray that my little Violet takes a bottle and this momma can go out and drink some beer. Seriously though, this is very serious.

Ahhh, the problems stay-at-home moms have.