Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I am looking at old pics.  Do you ever catch yourself looking at pics, mostly those before kids and look at yourself in the picture and tell that person that they have NO idea what is to come?  Tell them to really enjoy life.  To really get good sleep.  To not sweat the small stuff.  To not spend so much time at the gym because your just going to have kids and your body will NEVER look the same.  To drink more cocktails, to stay out late, to travel more....I do.  I did today.

After my weekend, I chose to post these pics.  They were from Cancun, Mexico, May of 2007.  Only 2 weeks before the I got pregnant with twins.  Weird.  Anyways, this was such an enjoyable trip.  We went with Carrie and Craig and Carrie and I to this day laugh about stuff that happened during this vacation.  It was pure bliss.  I was really happy.  This was our last big Hoorah before we were going to start a family.  Crazy...
This was the first day.  Craig lost his wedding ring in the water in the first 10 minutes.  The scene was priceless.  Hilarious..for us, not for Craig.  He was in trouble.  BIG trouble. 

Holy shit.  abs. 

Carrie and Craig.  I love them!

Craig loves activites.  He's not happy sitting by the pool, so did LOTS of activites.  Glad we did.  So much fun.

We rented mopeds.  Actually, I was too scared to go by myself.  I know...I'm weird.  Carrie was in heaven reliving her English Hill days.

Ok, this is one of my most favorite times in my life besides having my kids.  We found this pool/bar and you could use the pool if you bought food/drinks.  We spent hours here.  It's on that little island off cancun, Isles de mejueres( SP?)  Anyhow, it was heaven.  Seriously.

In playa del carmen, caught in a rain storm.

Anyways, best time! Posted by Picasa


Carrie said...

Best time, Craig and I looked through these together and laughed. So many good memories. Such an amazing vacation!