Monday, August 31, 2009


Presley already has a sense of style. I had gone to Old Navy this past weekend to get some fall necessities for the twinnies, after I went through their dresser and packed up all their clothes that no longer fit them. I had left the bag in their room and yesterday morning, she insisted that she wear this dress along with her boots, that I got forever ago and haven't fit her yet. So after she got herself dressed, she picked up her puzzle and sat on the couch. She's so adorable. She loves puzzles...and notice her scrape on her's her first one.

Friday Night.

Friday night we ventured over to Lake Kachess, to Travis's clients home that he built. The home has the best lot, located right on the water. Both kids are obsessed with buckling these chairs. It's instant entertainnment for at least 15 minutes, which is hours in twin terms.

I didn't take many photos of the interior, I felt weird taking pics of their house, but it is absolutely amazing. Travis did an incredible job, but the best part is how his client decorated it. She's a interior designer and is Ahhmazing. I mean, you'd think, oh, it's a cabin in the woods, but it's to die for!! Travis did a fantastic job!!!

**The kids are at the age right now, where they refuse to cooperate for pictures....i hate it!


You'd be surprised how many beautiful areas there are in ellensburg if your only familar with Main Street, where all the fast food restaurants are. We spent yesterday afternoon at Teanaway river, which is right where highway 97 meets up with Ellensburg (Blewit Pass). Anyways, it is the cleanest, most beautiful area. The twinnies had so much fun wading in the water, throwing rocks and running around. We weren't really planning right, so that is why the kiddos are naked. They LOVED it!
The water was perfect. Cash is not afraid of water, he just walks right in.

I love this pic. He's such a cutie.

I even had the dogs go swimming...i wouldn't say they loved it, but they didn't mind.
So fun! We'll definately be going back before this weather escapes us!

Friday, August 28, 2009


We went for a little hike a few weeks back. The twinnies LOVED the backpacks!! So fun.

Children's Museum.

I know I've been bad at posting pictures, but I left my laptop at my mom's house for the past few weeks, then I can't seem to find the battery charger for our big here are a few pics from my smaller camera.
A few weeks ago we met up with Ali and Carter at the Children's Museum in Factoria. It was fun to watch the twinnies go nuts with all the fun toys. Cash was pointing at a raccoon i think, he called it "dog". Everything is a dog.
Twinnies + Water = big mess.

Presley and Carter. So cute. Carter is getting so big!!!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Loving every minute....

of getting my oil changed at Lexus of Bellevue. It's the most amazing dealership EVER! wifi internet and an endless amount of free lattes.....

Plus, I get 2 hours of uninterrupted blogging time w/no kids......

It's weird I was actually excited for this appointment. It's the simple things in life that make me happy!

It's Bananas!

Wow...Monday night was the best!! Rachel Zoe and The Zoe Camp are back!

Where I loved every minute, Travis wanted to throw his laptop through the flat screen. He doesn't understand her job.....her job is to SHOP. Can you imagine making thousands of dollars to shop for a living.."I DIE!"

My dream job.

PS>....i'd love to carry brad in my funny!

I am soo excited!

Why, you ask??

I get to go and smooch on Reece Joseph Miller in less than an hour!

So excited!

Sunday, August 16, 2009


So, it's Sunday, beautiful here in Ellensburg....we had a day planned of taking the kids on a hike and now Cash woke up from his nap with a 102.5 temp = no fun!


Sorry i haven't taken many pics lately, don't know why, i guess just not in the mood. We've been busy though...went to Seattle, Tuesday-Friday, Travis is busy with work, so I packed up the kids and headed to civilization. Did a little shopping, went to the children's museum, caught up with a few friends and ate at PCC everyday. Friday, Travis took the kiddos camping, while I had a night to myself, which consisted of a movie, The Time Traveler's Wife (love love love Rachel McAdams) and then folding 5 loads of laundry. Super fun, I know!!!

Oh...I went to Crewcuts for the kiddos (kid version of Jcrew) and fell in love. EVERYTHING is adorable!!! I am so excited the kids are size 2 (or almost there)!!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

18 months already??!!

Wow......I can't believe it. The twinnies are now 18 months old. Everyday it still blows my mind. I am blessed...truly blessed. I have 2 unbelievable children, who are turning into amazing individuals and 2 completely seprerate little people. They are so different.

I love them more and more, if thats even possible. Everyday it grows.......

Cash.....he's a stud...such a handsome little man. He's definately not a baby anymore. He's solid muscle. He's super athletic...yes, it's possible at 18 months. He loves sports. He loves bat and balls. He loves to point to things and say what they are. He hugs his momma and is full of kisses. He is a bulldozer and mows over his sister. He loves to go down slides and swing on swings. He still loves his bottle and binky. He has such a perfect little baseball stance. He LOVEs and I mean LOVEs to dance, especially to Poker Face, even if it's in front of people. He is a picky eater and loves McDonalds french fries. He gives everyone hugs, even strangers. He has a bunny that he rubs against his face. He has soooooooooo much energy. He is a perfect little sleeper and napper. He is still my baby and will always be.

Presley.....such a delicate little princess. She's sooooo sweet, but still very fiesty and sassy. She's a biter, but only Cash, it's her defense. She's a peanut, still small. She has a little strut. She loves her dolls. She loves puzzles. She loves to read. She knows all her animal sounds. She gives lots of kisses. She loves to dance and has the perfect little booty shake. She's a eater and will eat everything. She loves to take a sip of my coffee, then says, "mmmmm". She loves animals. She is a perfect little sleeper and napper. She loves Sesame Street. She loves to shop, only if she's not in her stroller. She loves babies, real babies. She hates to get wet. She loves her sand box. She has the biggest and bluest eyes ever. She loves fruit snacks. She's a perfect little car rider. She loves cell phones. If I could have a million little Presley's, I would..she's just perfect.

Happy 18th month's time to start planning the big "2"!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Lazy Boys.

With two 18 month olds, it's a rare occacision to have them lay with you and relax, but every so often, they curl up on the couch with us and when it does happen, it's heavenly. The feeling you get is the reason why everyone should have children. The other day, Cash was laying with Travis and I was jealous.

Words cannot express how much this little man melts my heart. It's another reason why every women needs to have a baby boy.

Future MBA player?

It's just natural for Cash to follow in his daddy's footsteps and play baseball. Instead of playing with cars or reading books, Cash is obsessed with bats and balls. He already has a good swing and Travis didn't teach him a thing! Just make sure you watch out when he has a bat, he's not very accurate or gentle....
**Let's just hope he takes after his daddy....i was never good at sports, but I have always been able to pick out a good outfit:))

Carter's Visit....

Alison, Carter, Amber and little Macy all came for a visit. Alison had to escape the Seattle heat and come over to my air conditioned house, which is actually kinda funny, bc she always complains about how my house is so cold...(I always keep it cold, that is how travis and I like it.) Anyways, she came on Wednesday and stayed until Friday. Amber and little Macy (7 weeks) also came for a night, so it was fun to catch up and play with all of our kiddos...gosh how times have changed since our crazy CWU days!!! We went to dinner, went over to Shannons to play in her enormous water slide...actually Cash and I played on the water slide, he had to go down 587 times and i had to go down with was quite fun and I am sure a sight to see, as I go shooting down the slide...sorry no pics of that!:( Carter has the most perfect skin ever! He is always bronzed, just like his momma...i told alison (she's a teacher and has summer off) that I know her and Carter just lay out all day, bc he's super tan.
Carter and Presley...she's obsessed with babies. Loves them, almost a little too much, she's yet to learn to be gentle.

Your Baby Can Read!

I am such a sucker for infomercials! So, I've been seeing the "Your Baby Can Read" infomercials forever now and now that I have children, I said, why not?? So, i paid the $200...gasp...i know, kinda spendy, but it ACTUALLY works. I don't mean to toot my own horn, but both twinnies are recognizing words and it's making them talk more!

I totally recommend it!!