Saturday, January 7, 2012

New Hair?

I am obsessed with this girl.  Her style, her closet, her home and most of all, her hair.  I am kinda contemplating on cutting it like this and dying it this chocolate color.  I think I might pull the trigger......I feel like I need a makeover. 

I have been eating super clean for the past week.  Think: protein shakes, ground turkey, chicken, tuna, brussel sprouts, green beans, broccoli, grapefruit, quinoa, black beans.  Thats it.  No dairy, lots of water, no salt, lots of Mrs. Dash and hot sauce and I CANNOT even begin to explain the amazing results.  All cravings for bread/cracker/sweets is gone.  I eat 6 meals a day and I am full all day.  Try it!!  I do allow myself coffee creamer though....can't live without my darigold vanilla creamer.  Oh hellz no. 

We are getting solar panels on our house, as I write this.  Funny, but it's a pretty awesome idea.  It'll warm up all of our hot water for free.  It'll cut our bill by quite a bit, since our hot water is heated by gas and I run the dishwasher, do a million loads of laundry and we all shower.  Since Travis is a builder, we got a killer deal and in return he sells it to his clients, which are always looking to go "Green". 

Oh, and we killed 2 mice last night.  I am so excited! 


Shaina said...

I say do it, hair always grows if you don't like it. I think it is SUPER cute though. I think of changing my hair all of the time, and then I have a good hair day and change my mind.

I want more deets on this healthy eating kick, sounds kinda like what I eat already but I am so ready to kick the sweets. Are smoothies (all fruit) allowed?

Heather Conniff said...

do it, cut your hair - it's just hair, always grows back, you'd look cute! maybe keep the mice in a cage for Cash??

Jen said...

Did your creamer addiction start back in the DG days? Good for you for eating so healthy although I'm guessing you probably don't really need to diet! x

The Gibson's said...

Jen-yes!! I had a lot of weird eating addictions start in the eg house, coffee creamer, cottage cheese on salads, spray butter and popcorn, mixing cereals together......funny times!

Abby said...

I am glad you all shower :)
You should totally cut and darken your hair...super cute!