Monday, March 30, 2009

Big Girl.

We went to the Tri-Cities this weekend to stay with Matt, Tamara, and Makenna. We were short on high chairs, so sissy bear got to sit in the chair like a big girl.

Monkey Boy

I looked over and saw this the other day. Crap....he can climb on things now.
So now he climbs up on EVERYTHING...the couch is his favorite, then he falls off, then gets right back up. Just an FYI to any expecting tables are evil.

Children's Museum.

I took the kids to the Children's Museum on Friday. They loved it!! They played so nicely for almost 2 hours, while I ran after them. They were usually going in completely different directions, so it got difficult at times, but they had a blast! It's hard for me to get used to germy places, but I really have to just get used it. Thank god for hand sanitizer!

Cash was OBSESSED with the shopping carts. It was hard to get a pic of him bc he was always moving.

We are working on saying "Cheese"!

New Hiding Spot.

The other day, I couldn't find Presley. I found her behind my window treatments enjoying the sunshine. Such a pretty girl!

Future Top Chef?

I am all for anything to keep him occupied while I make dinner, even if he is terriorizing my house. I know we should put kid safety locks on our cabinets, but you all try to get Travis to do it. I think I've asked a million times, I give up.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Laundry Time.

Yep, that's Cash is heart pajamas. Didn't feel like doing laundry, so poor little Cash had to wear sissy's pjs. I am sure he won't know the difference??


Cash loves his cake.

Why restuarants seat families and have a table cloth on the table, I have no idea?? It's getting more and more difficult to take the kids to restaurants. Presley is a little angel and Cash is a monster. At this stage right now, Presley is soooooo much easier. She just sits and plays and Cash just terriorizes the house and is a whiner. I am sure they'll reverse rolls as Presley gets older!

Say Cheese!

Wild hair after I take her pigtails out.

For the past week, Presley has been doing this cheesy smile. It just makes me laugh.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


There are a few things about having children that you don't find out until after their born. One being, that during pregnancy, you have such lucious and shiny locks, then after you have the baby it all falls out!! I am so sick of my 2 inch long bangs and the other 2-3 inch hairs sticking up all over.......I am seriously thinking of pulling a Britney and shaving my head.

Monday, March 16, 2009


March 21st is the day Twilight comes out! I am so excited and will most likely be at Fred Meyer at 8am. I just love Edward Cullen. If you haven't read the books, I don't suggest watching the movie, you'll be disappointed.

***I am almost tempted to go for a little car ride up to Vancouver to find EC while they are filming the 2nd movie...i know Cindy would go with me!!!

Baseball Boy.

Cash loves his baseball hat and he actually keeps it on his head. I love it when he wears it because he looks like such a little boy!!

I am so biased because he's my baby boy, but I think he's the cutest. EVER!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Love Sac.

We got the kids a Love Sac for them to lounge and play on and wow....what a hit!! They love it!

Thank goodness for microfiber....Cashy man eating a cracker.

This photo was taken a few minutes ago. So, while I chase the kids around, Daddy watches NatGeo with the doggies. I think Lily and Lucy are thinking we bought them a giant dog bed. This was a wonderful purchase and in a bout 20 minute when the kids go down...I'll be on there watching Friday Night Lights!! heaven....

Friday, March 13, 2009

Typical Girl.

She got her new Easter shoes and she carried them around all morning. Such a typical girl when you get new shoes!


Even Presley has her skinny jeans!

Sweet Girl.

Presley is obsessed with her Snack Trap. She loves to eat the snacks, but she also loves to feed the dogs. They surround her and she's so sweet at sharing. For those of you who know Lily....this is rare. Lily is not a very nice doggy, but she's slowly warming up to the babies, especially when the twins have food!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

One Year Stats.

Today was their 1 year checkup...I know a month late, but we have a popular Dr.

Cash: 23.5 pounds and 31 inches tall!!! 50% for both.
Presley: 22.2 pounds and 28 inches tall!! 20/25%.

They both got shots, MMR and the chicken pox shot. They screamed for a few seconds, then returned back to their normal selves.

Daddy came with us today. I still can't do dr. appts by's hard!! I think i am just as exhausted after the appt as the kids are, chasing them all over. It's exhausting when children become mobile, just an FYI to any parents out there whose children still have tummy time and you can stick them on their blanket and they don't move yet.

It was day 2 of training for my marathon. Yesterday I got a gym membership for the first time in many many months. I was pathetic....using 5-8lb weights and I am soooooooo sore today. I did do my run today, which I think made me feel better. We went to dinner with some friends on Friday night and were reminiscing 90's R&B music...remember SWV, Jade, Keith Sweat,, I downloaded some new songs on my itunes, which helps get through a run.

***Anyone who watches Survivor (I love it this season)?? Taj is a former member of SWV. Love it! ......I get so weak in the knees, I can hardly speak, I loose all control blah blah blah....

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Now that I am 30....

I need to start checking things off my list. 1st up.

My friend Matt and I are going to do this. I am excited!! Training starts April 4th!

The big 3-0!

Wow...30 years! I can't believe I have hit my 30's.
Had a wonderful day!
Grande soy latte w/ splenda in the am.
Spent the day at the spa....facial, massage, pedi, blow out. Peaceful...enjoyable!
Movie with girlfriends, Confessions of a Shopaholic. Cute!
Then dinner at Suncadia Lodge with the hubby and friends. Yummy. Wine, seafood, chocolate lava cake.I didn't need a big party, to stay out late. I wanted a relaxing day.
Notice my super cute new bday present. He bought me lots of goodies. Yea.
Overall, it was a great way to enter my 30's. We have a trip planned to Palm Springs, so that is our celebration vacation. 5 days w/out kids.....poolside, books, dinners, shopping, spa treatments, sleeping in, room service...that is heaven!

Her New Obsession!

Her snack pack! You can stick treats like, pirate's booty, cereal, yogurt bites, anything she'll eat. She loves to feed herself, so this is the perfect thing ever! Don't try to take it away from her, you'll hear all about it. The other night when we were on our way to swimming lessons, she wouldn't let go. So, we had to set it next to the pool so she wouldn't freak out. She's obsessed! You can't even let her see it.

A few cute ones...

He loves vaccuming the floor. He loves it!

She's constantly saying...ooh, ooh, ooh-like a monkey. It's quite funny.

See...she's walking. Such a good little walker.

When Daddy is in Charge!

Pizza and Beer for lunch?? Yep....he orders Grant's Pizza. Notice the ranch on Presley's tray? She's already a dipper, a double dipper actually. She dips her pizza in, then sucks the ranch off, then dips again.


Look at all those teeth, her molars are also popping up in back, so far we got 9 (a few you can see bc they just broke through).

Daddy did a mini photo shoot in the bath today.....two dirty babes.....

Monday, March 2, 2009


Sorry, I've been a little bad at blogging lately. My life is nonstop from when i wake up until I got to bed, so it's been hard to find the time.

Presley Marie is WALKING! I am so proud of my little angel...she's such a perfect little walker. She started about a week ago when we were over at the Bomben's house. She's been perfecting it ever since and has gotten really good! She also got 4 teeth last week, so I have been a little tired due to NO sleep. She was a little trooper and now has 4 teeth on top and 3 on the bottom.

Cash is my little whiner. He whines ALL the time and I think I have gotten to be really good at tuning him out. He's into EVERYTHING! I pretty much spend the day cleaning up and running after him. That is why it's 2pm and I've yet to shower and I am still in pajamas....ahhhh the glamourous life of parenthood!

I turn the big 3-0 on Saturday........I am a little hesitant to venture into my 30's, however I feel like I am in a really good place in my life. I have a few more things up my sleeve I would like to accomplish in the next few years, but I feel good to where I am right now. I have a wonderful husband and 2 perfect, healthy, beautifil little babies. I don't want to have a big party to celebrate, I want to relax. Travis and I are spending the weekend up at Suncadia Lodge. It should be a great birthday.

I booked our first trip today away from the babies. Travis and I are heading to Palm Springs in May for 4 nights to get away. I'll be sunning at the pool, as Travis is hitting the golf course. I am excited and it can't happen any sooner. We are also heading to Minnesota next month to visit family. I am not nervous for the flight, my Dad, Maureen, Austin, Julie, Travis and I are all going together and we'll all be sitting in a row, so we can pass the babies around.

That's about it. Just trying to get stuff house is constantly a disaster and I feel like all I do is laundry and cleaning the kitchen. My children are destroyers.......

Year Pictures.

We went to Babies R Us on Friday to get the twins's pictures taken. They did such a good job and I am so happy with how they turned out. The twins were on their best behavior and were such good little models.