Friday, January 20, 2012

Favorite Products

Oribe Texturizing Spray  I use this if I am using a curling iron or having my hair straight, but I want more volume at the roots, or I even use this when I have it curly, after it's dry.  Just to give it more lift  Check out this product on you tube.  They have videos that show you how to use it.  I love it.  It just puts lots of volume into your hair, which I love.  I love big hair!

I am new to this brand Oribe, pronounced Or-bay.  I love this blog.  She uses these products and I love what she does to hair, so I copy her.  You should too.  She's got some fun tutuorials.

Maximista Thickening Spray  I have curly, but fine hair.  I love this stuff.  I spray it into my hair when it's wet and then I diffuse it dry.  It makes my hair feel super thick.

It's a oil treatment that you rub into your hair before you shower.  Leave on for 20 minutes, then wash you hair.  Leaves it smooth and healthy.  I love it.  I use it about 1-2 times a weeks.  

T-3 Featherweight Hair Dryer..  I've always owned the cheapy hair dryers that I bought at the store.  Clariol, revlon, whatever.  I never understood why people spend the money on a nice hair dryer.  Now, I know.  They kick ass.  Drying time is cut in half, my hair feels smoother, and overall just awesome.  Plus, I love a diffuser with my curly hair and this one comes with one. 

Clarisonic.  My skin has been freaking out lately.  I have been getting acne, when I've hardly ever even had a zit.  I love this clarisonic.  It's gentle enough to use daily.  It gets everything off and makes your skin shine.  I am kinda late the clarisonic party....i just got mine a few months ago.  Love this. 

Face Cleanser.  My salon that I go to, to get my hair done and my facials, use Aveda.  I LOVE their products.  I use their hair products and facial products.  This cleanser really gets your face clean without being harsh.  I have sensitive skin and this works really good and has a nice fragrence. 

These are some of my favorite products.  I have been bit of a product junky lately.  These what have worked for me!!  Best of all, these all can be bought on   I am kinda obsessed!!!


Jill said...

Thanks for the tips Katie. You are my "go-to" girl.
I had never really thought about my cheapie hair dryer, but I bet if I bought a good one, my hair would be nicer and smoother. Good tip!

Meghan said...

ohhh i love THIS!!! i need BIG hair. LOVE MY's the only thing that has helped my nasty skin.

Shannon said...

So, I just have to say, I am obsessed with Oribe products. The maximista and texturizing spray are probably the best hair products Ive ever used. And the T3 Hairdryer - I have had mine for 5 yrs and its still going strong.

Carrie said...

Agree 100% on the hair dryer, I remember I got a good one in college for Christmas. Initially I was annoyed but quickly learned a nice one is a must have for quick drying. I can't use a cheepy anymore it has ruined me, I now have to bring mine when I travel. Love volume, love big hair... kerastase volumactive mousse is amazing for big hair too.