Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving Weekend!

We had such a great and relaxing Thanksgiving weekend! I can't believe Christmas is right around the corner. I am going to spend today decorating, however I am confused at how to do the tree this year, since everything is a chew toy to the twins.

We ventured over to my mom's on Thursday morning. I had gotten sick on Wednesday, so I wasn't feeling very good:( We had such a lazy day and I was asleep by 8:30pm. The twins were on their best behavior and had such a good night sleep! Friday, I went and saw Twilight for the 2nd time (yes, I am obsessed!) and did a little shopping....Gymboree and Baby Gap were having such a good sale. I didn't feel bad bc Travis was at Sears buying himself tools....he's on a kick to fix up his '69 Bronco. Saturday we went back to Ellensburg to spend some time with Travis's family. Then Sunday (today) I will start to decorate for Xmas, which we'll be spending at home!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

Next weekend, Travis and I are having our 1st night together away from the babies. We are going to Portland to celebrate Travis's good friends birthday. I am excited to do some tax-free shopping! Yea......