Saturday, November 1, 2008

Pumpkin Babies

Cash's hair is so unruly. I don't have any idea what to do. I don't want to cut it yet, so I guess it'll have a mind of it's own. I actually did trim the hair around his ears, but as far as the top part.....I have no idea what to do. He has so many callics:)
Presley and her new bow. I have always said that barrets and bows on babies is something I would never do. But, I couldn't resist. At least she has a bit of hair now and is a little older.....

My aunt made us this really cute pumpkin. It's mouth has "GIBSON" engraved for it's teeth. I thought it'd be cute to pose the twins by it. I was getting them ready for our family portrait session that we had on Thursday.