Thursday, September 2, 2010

Update on the Bottle Dilemma.

The doorbell rang and the dogs barked, so I had to jump up and get the door before the dogs woke the kids up, I tripped on Cash's remote control car, stubbed my toe (it's bleeding and still throbbing) and graciously recieved my well awaited package. You'd think I was talking about my super cute new Frye boots that I got during the Nordstrom sale, but no, I have in my hands what may be the key to my freedom....the "Tommee Tippee". I opened it up, sanitized it, put the pot of hot water on the stove, filled the bottle and placed the bottle to be heated. All this, my heart is beating, fast. She begins to stir...she's awake. Okay, deep breath. I grab her, place her sweet little body in my lap. Kiss her, watch her smile at me, we chat for a bit...I try to explain to her that if she does not take this bottle, this will be a very long year for mommy. So, with that said, I place the bottle into her mouth. Drumroll please......she took it! Yes, that is correct. Within seconds she was hammering down 4 oz of milk!! Wahoo. Operation Freedom is planned for Saturday night bitches. Momma is coming out!!!

Now, I must go and change her explosion of a diaper and tend to my sick kids. Oh ya, I didn't mention that. The twins have temperatures. Ya, my life is fabulous. Now, do you understand why getting Violet to take a bottle so Mommy can have a night out is the most important thing on my mind right now??


hope♥ said...

I have been following your blog for quite some time now and I must say your kids are adorable! I was on another blog that I follow today and I kind of think that their little girl Bridget looks like your Presley ... what do you think?

Jen Lee said...

Congrats on the bottle success! You deserve a night out for sure! Enjoy!!!

Anonymous said...

Yaaaay!! Congrats! Funny, the things that we get excited about as Moms now!?!?! :)

The Bagley's said...

Katie - you CRACK me up!!!! I am so happy you got the bottle to work, you definitely deserve the night out more than any mom I know!! Have a fun weekend!