Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sweet Baby V.

Violet continues to be a good baby. She's pretty content. She likes to be held. She's rolling everywhere. She loves her baths. She's hate bottles, we are still trying to work on this, so I can get a break. She has been sleeping from 8-6am, then up and back down until 8am. She's so cute, I just want to sqeeze her!!
We've been busy, but I am just kinda sick of taking pics. I have been bad about bringing my camera and honestly, I have my hands full, so taking pics is not really a thought. We have been staying busy, enjoying this amazing weather. Taking lots of walks, runs, trips to park, gymnastics, and play dates. Travis and I celebrate our 6 year anniversary on Saturday! Grandma is coming to babysit because we are going out! Travis is still crazy busy and hasn't had a day off in a long time, hunting season started, so on top of working crazy hours, he gets up at 4am to hunt, then goes to work right after (one of the perks working in Cle Elum amongst the mountains). So, I am a single mom, just barely hanging on. I actually was going on a run through CWU's campus and it made me nostalgic for those days. Life was simple. I miss simple, but I definately don't miss being poor or studying.....