Thursday, July 29, 2010

Fun Stuff.

Having a fat day? Buy these. They are amazing. Now that I am slave to my treadmill again, putting these on make my runs so much better. They suck it all in and make you feel so much better and for some reason, they make you run a little faster and a little longer.
Absolutely addicted to almond butter. It's insanely delicious. I eat in my oatmeal every morning and I actually go to bed excited for my coffee and oatmeal. Try it, you'll like it.

Bought these for Presley and I am crossing my fingers they come out in women's sizes so we can be twins.


Heather Conniff said...

got the pants and love um!

Abby said...

I got the navy and white Tom's wedges - love them!!

Shaina said...

they sell almond butter at Costco in a bigger container for about the same price as t.joes. I LOVE it as well!