Monday, July 12, 2010

First Bottle.

Baby V had her first bottle yesterday. I have been bfing her exclusively and I'd like to have a little freedom at times, so it was time to introduce her to the bottle. She took it like a champ. Thank heaven for a breast pump! I am gearing up for Travis and I's first date night this weekend...we are headed to the George for the King of Leon concert and I can't wait to drink some beer!!

She's been blessed with big eyes. As a baby, I had the biggest blue eyes, so I am glad that all my kids got them. Their light blue color is from their daddy. I love blue-eyed babies.

Morning time, hence the beautiful pic of the mom and most often the picture taker, it's rare to get a good photo. I'll take it no matter what I look like.

Baby Violet is precious and I can't seem to stop kissing her. I put her in her bed at night, then for some reason, she finds herself in our bed, cuddled so sweetly next to me. I love it. The twins were on such a routine and they slept in their cribs from day 1, so I never got that. I know I am probably creating a monster, but hey...she's my last baby and I seem to break all the rules.


Abby said...

Soo cute!! We have to get together the next time we are in Ellensburg. Actually, now that I think about it, we will be there this weekend and the following weekend for weddings!

Jill said...

I think you look pretty.
You'd barf if you saw a picture of me first thing in the morning.