Thursday, July 8, 2010

Happy Anniversary.

On the 4th, we celebrated Travis's parents 50th wedding anniversary. The kids threw them a party at Travis's sister Laurie's house. We hired a DJ, ate, danced, drank and had a great time!

The best we could get with all 3 kids.

Travis and Laurie are known for their addiction to karokee. Travis secretly thinks he's a rockstar. He's actually pretty good. The kids danced and danced and danced. They loved the dj. They even know the words and were singing along to Tik Tok and OMG. So cute!

My mom drove over to visit. Here is baby V passed out in the Bjorn and Travis's dad, Ben.

Travis's Dad, Ben and sister, Lana.
The weather was windy!!! But, we still managed to have fun. The kids had such a good time playing with cousins and getting VERY dirty. Travis comes from a family of 8, 6 sisters and a brother and 17 grandkids. Ben and Grace did a pretty good job in their 50 years of marriage! I got pretty lucky with such good in-laws!! I love them all so much:))