Thursday, May 27, 2010

3rd Week.

Little Violet has been in our lives for 3 weeks now and it seems as if it's been forever! She is awake a bit more and loves to watch her surroundings. I think Cash and Presley serve as a great source of entertainment for her. Presley loves kissing on her, holding her and is always trying to help. Cash is warming up, a few kisses here and there and a quick rub on the head. Violet has big eyes and already her lashes are getting thicker. Her hair is still very dark and not much has fallen out. Her skin is perfect. Her only downfall......she has my feet. Big feet. Poor girl. At least I'll have someone to pass my giant shoe collection to.....

I am jealous of his eyelashes. So big and so thick. Cash is turning into a typical 2 year old. He's so much work. I am secretly very happy that Violet is a girl because I don't think I can handle 2 boys. Boys are soooo much work!

Presley just watching her show and eating a snack.

Overall, I am still trying to adjust to being a mom to 3 kids. It's tough. I want to make sure that I give a lot of attention to the twins, but Violet takes up so much time. I am grateful for having the twins first. They play together, which allows me time to feed Violet without being interrupted. They are still taking great naps, which allows me time to get in a few hours of sleep during the day. I have successfully showered everyday this week and we actually got out of the house...went to the park and to a playdate at Ryder's house. This weekend is Memorial Weekend. Travis is taking the twins camping Fri-Sun, so Violet and I are heading over to Seattle. I haven't left Ellensburg since March and I need a much deserved trip to Bellevue Square, Trader Joe's and Target. Violet's new stroller will be delivered today, so we'll test that out.


Jill Baer said...

She's perfect. Just perfect. Your babies are so freakin' cute. I miss you.

On a side note, your feet are cute silly.


tricia said...

Hi Katie,
You have such a beautiful family! You are a lucky girl. I just stumbled upon your blog through Heather and wanted to say hi. Hope all is well. Tricia Ring (Gordon)