Monday, May 17, 2010

Weekend in Pics.

It's hard when your recovering from surgery, have a newborn and basically stuck in the house on a nice weekend, but we managed to get lots done and have fun!
Violet did a lot of this.
Presley dug in our beds.

The twinnies played in daddy's "Monster Truck" as they call it.

My mom planted my pots.

Presley rode her bike.

Carter, Alison, and Carol came for a visit to meet baby Violet.

Violet took a sun nap.

We planted our garden.

And broke out the hose and water table.

....and more of baby Violet.

Pretty uneventful weekend. My mom left yesterday. It's my first day taking care of 3 kids...wish me luck. Travis was such a big help this morning. It's raining out, we're all still in pj's, watching "Bee Movie" in bed. Life is good.


Meghan said...

I can't even imagine how crazy busy your days are!!! Love Preston's helmet! HA