Saturday, May 8, 2010

Violet Olivia....

Daddy and Violet. (Travis can't shave until his baseball team looses...hence the beard.)
Her first hair bow.

Presley is already such a good big sister. If she could hold her and kiss her all day, she would. She loves her baby sissy.
Baby feet are irresistible. Violet has the longest toes and biggest feet for such a little baby!

Well, she's officially 2 days old now. So far, she's been amazing. She is sleeping, hardly cries and is breastfeeding perfectly. Last night she only got up to eat and for a diaper change, then went to bed immediately. I have been quite the baby hog. I can't let her go. She's been sleeping on my chest every night. I didn't get to do this with the twins bc there were two of them. My surgery went well. I lost quite a bit of blood, so I have to be on iron pills and was quite light-headed for a while. I was up and walking the first day and now, 2 days later, with the help of drugs. We are leaving the hospital today. I can't wait to be at home. I miss the twins. We've had tons of visitors, which make the days go fast. As I am typing this, Travis left to go home and take a shower and it's just Violet and I. She's sleeping on my lap. I can kinda see now why people have so many children. Babies are delicious. This time with the twins was such a blur, so I am really trying to soak it all in. Violet makes our family complete.