Thursday, May 20, 2010

2 weeks.

What? It's been 2 weeks already? I can't believe it! I've loved every minute of it, even though it's been little crazy. She had her 2 week appt yesterday and she was already 7lbs 6 ozs, which is comforting knowing she's gaining weight and growing. She's such a joy and an amazing baby. I just love love love her more than words.......

Bathtime....obviously you can tell I really get myself ready. These days I am lucky to take a shower. Yesterday I actually forgot to shower. This morning when I was in the shower, I was thinking to myself..."I totally forgot to shower yesterday..." I am loosing my mind. I actually had to ask Travis what President Obama's first name was? I know, ditsy. I blame it on the pregnancy/new mom brain. He looked at me and asked, "Are you serious?" I just started laughing bc i was so pathetic....obviously you can tell we watch more Fox News rather than MSNBC in our house.

When the twins nap, Violet and I nap together. This is what I got to snuggle next to today.

Like I said before....she's an amazing baby. So content and hardly cries. I am so lucky!