Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Maternity Pictures

Today I am going to get my maternity pictures taken. I am so excited!! I hope they turn out good! Also, Travis and I have another ultrasound on Thursday!!! I LOVE ultrasounds.

I am soooooooo tired today. I couldn't sleep last night. I was just thinking about everything and how much my life will change, all the things I still need, questions I had for my Dr., etc. My mind was just racing! Plus, the whole sleeping situation isn't comfortable anymore. Miss Lily and Lucy think that the bed is theirs and they take up so much room for little 7 lb. dogs, leaving Travis and I totally uncomfortable. I can only sleep on my side, which makes my shoulder hurt and I have to have a pillow inbetween my legs. Lucy sleeps in the middle of us and if you move her while she is sleeping, she'll growl at you. It's acutally quite funny. And Travis snores. So, finally I moved to the couch and watched episodes of the OC Season 4. Then finally I went back to bed and slept until 9am. However, I am still so tired and I need to take those pictures today. Thank god I put lots of self tanner on look somewhat alive.

So, my doorbell just rang and of course Lily flipped out, anyways, my mattresses for the cribs came today!! I am so excited!! Now, I pretty much have everything for the nursery. My mom, sister and Alison are coming on Saturday to paint the room and then we'll get the furniture in on Sunday. I can't wait for it to be complete!!

I have my baby shower in Ellensburg on Saturday. I am really excited for it......I can't wait!!

Anyways, I'll put some belly pics up this afternoon.

OH......the snow is melting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lily, Lucy and myself are all very excited for this!! We all hate the snow! Travis spent forever shoveling it all day on Sunday, then my Monday, most of it was gone....kinda funny, hee hee!!!

XOXO, Katie and the Twinies!!!