Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Birthing Classes

Yea, tonight we start our birthing classes!! From 6:30-8:30pm-Travis is just thrilled!! It'll be interesting and hopefully we'll learn a lot!!

Yesterday I had my maternity pictures taken. I think they'll turn out really good??? I took a bunch in the studio by myself, then Travis came and we took some in the studio, then we went outside to the park and took some more with just us and then some with the dogs!! They were such good models! We go and look at them on Monday at 6pm. I am excited to pick out the ones I want bc they can photoshop ANYTHING I want!! Yea!

Our next ultrasoud is tomorrow. I am excited. I just LOVE ultrasounds. I know things are going well bc the babies don't ever stop moving!! They just twist and turn all day and all night!!

Well, that is it. Today I am going to relax and watch the rest of season 4 of The O.C. and do laundry. I'll let everyone know how the ultrasound goes......