Thursday, March 1, 2012

Too Many Shoes.

It's no secret I have a problem, well many problems, but I can admit I have a shoe buying problem.  It's intense.  I figure I don't collect anything else, except maybe headbands, so it's my collection. 

The other day I couldn't find the girls.  I found them in my closet.  Ususally they have my underwear around their necks, hats on and trying to walk in my 4 inch heels.  I remember when I was little, probably 4 or so, spending hours in my moms closet.  See, that must be when my obsession started.

Remember when I posted about how my new closet will have his/her closets, this is why.  It's a cluster. 

I forsee I'll probably have a huge problem when these girls are teenagers....hopefully they wear size 8.5!