Tuesday, March 20, 2012

What toys NOT to buy.

Through my years of blogging, I've come across what to are MUST haves for kids.  However, I've never come across a list of DO NOT BUY toys.  Well, in all of my experience of toy buying and toy picking up, here is my list of TOYS TO STAY AWAY FROM.

Here it goes in no particular order:

The barbie camper.  This is a hunk of junk.  In fact, everything that is barbie related should not be bought.  Except for barbies.  The door falls of EVERY DAY and EVERY DAY I have to put it together.  Plus, too many parts.  Like, does Barbie really need a fork and knife?  Seriously, they are maybe 3 centimeters tall.  They've all been thrown away.

These plastic little Army guys will be the death of me.  I find them EVERYWHERE.  This was obviously something that Travis bought.

This was also a toy Travis bought.  Those nerf bullets are also something I find EVERYWHERE and throw away EVERYDAY.

Any Tangled doll.  It's just that:  a tangled mess.  HATE THIS DOLL.