Sunday, February 12, 2012

A Day at American Girl!

When  you have 3 kids, it's quite a luxury to go somewhere with just 1 or 2. Since the twinnies celebrated the big 4 today, just us girls celebrated yesterday by spending the day at American Girl.  I think when you give birth to a girl, the American Girl marketing team is quickly notified and the catalogs start coming. They have did in our house at least.  Presley loves when they arrive. 

We left the house early, at 8:30am and drove to Alderwood.  Presley was in heaven.  I had been telling her for weeks that we had this planned and she was so excited!!  She knew exactly what she wanted.  I am such a mother sucker and saying NO is hard to do, especially when you see your little girls eyes light up!!  She made out like a bandit.  Outfits galore, a tea party set, a pet puppy and a $25 hair-do.  YES, people you read right...a $25 hair do for a doll.  It came with a crown at least. 
 Here she is...her name is Princess. 

 On top of spending a fortune on dolls....after you shop, you spend another small fortune on food in the Bistro and since it was a special occasion, we splurged.  Chicken strips and hot chocolate for her.
 Hot Chocolate for princess.

 Banana split for desert. 

And of course V participated, she too got a Bitty Baby. 

Next stop, Pinkabella cupcakes to pick up a few dozen cupcakes for the party and Nordstrom for a new party dress, of course.  Such a fun girls day!!

Then we celebrated today with a big party at the bounce house, then a 6:30pm bedtime.  3 kids, no nap = early bedtime.  Now, daddy and I are drinking beer on the couch watching Shameless.  This birthday has been my favorite so far.  They knew what was going on and had such a blast. 

Pics to to pack for our 10 day Hawaiian vaction!!  We are packing up all 5 of us and heading to Maui with Grandpa and Grandma for lots of fun in the sun!!