Thursday, March 1, 2012

Maui Pics- Iphone Style. made it.  We successfully traveled to Hawaii with all 3 kids and did NOT kill each other, in fact, I think I kinda love Travis a little more!  This vacation was perfect.  Sure, there were times I wanted to strangle the kids or Travis, but it's nothing a few cocktails, deep breaths or laughs couldn't fix.  We relaxed.  We played.  We swam, We ate. We whale watched.  We visited the aquarium.  We beached.  Trav golfed.  We drank.  We met some new friends.  Went to a luau.  We danced on stage.  We ate fish everyday. We spent a morning at the Urgent Care.  We spotted celebrities.  We spotted blogger celebrities.  We are soo sad we are back.  10 days is too short!  We are definately going back and bringing Kelsey!! 

Here are just a few pics from my phone.  We took tons and tons of videos. 

Maui is paradise.  If you haven't been with the kiddos, go!!!

Home Sweet Home!

arg...snow.  Yuck.