Thursday, March 1, 2012

This Made Me Laugh!

Go to Food On My Dog.  Hilarious.  Nothing but pics of a couple putting different kinds of food on their poor dogs' head.  Quite funny!

A slice of pizza

Sunny-side up.

I have 2 dogs.  Lily and Lucy.  They rarely make a blog appearance.  They were my babies before my babies.  I was obsessed with them.  Now, I feel sad for them.  They are quite neglected.  I cuddle with them at night and still let them sleep with us, but often times I threaten to put them on craigslist....well, mostly Lucy.  She STILL goes potty in the house.  It drives me NUTS.  I need to be a better dog mom.  I talk to my friends and they feel the same way.  My poor kids are NEVER gonna get a puppy. 


Jill said...

Food on dogs is funny.
And I can SO relate to the dog thing. I try really hard to be a good dog-mom now too - but it will never compare to life before Jax. Our poor mutts.

...and how did I not think she stinks? She smells so gross now that I am a real mom and not just a dog mom.

Alexis Gradwohl said...

I know it's bad when Hayden yells, "GOD DAMN it GUS!" Opps! I love him but he drives me nuts still!

Natalie Shapiro said...

Everything you just said about your dogs is the same way I feel about mine. We just got new carpet in the bedrooms and now the dogs are not allowed in there. My younger boy dog pee's everywhere! So they no longer sleep with us. I feel really bad because my oldest one is almost 11 and younger one is 8, and they have slept with us since we brought them home. It has been a big adjustment for all of us.