Monday, April 12, 2010

Recipe Websites.

Cooking for 2 toddlers, who most of the time have totally different tastes, then cooking for myself, who likes to eat healthy, is a very hard task. I try not to cook 2 different meals, however I find myself on many occasions doing so, which is very annoying. Cooking dinner has become quite a daunting task. I ask Travis for suggestions and he doesn't quite get it why it's such a big deal...well, when your a stay at home mom, this is a huge decision to make! (pathetic, i know) So, if I don't want to eat chicken speghetti (Cash's favorite) or chicken tacos (Travis's favorite) every night, I am constantly on the hunt for new dishes to make. Luckily, my blog obsession has brought me to some very helpful websites that I've gotten some great ideas from. I thought I'd share in case anyone else has this problem..... and

Happy Cooking!


Shawna said...

Ummm...thank you so much! I have this exact same problem and it is so stressful to plan meals for the week and make everyone happy. I have been using and they have some good ones, but I am super excited to try out the sites you suggested. All of us stay at home moms need to have an online recipe swap or something. Hope you are feeling good in your home stretch of pregnancy! It's been so hard running after one toddler, I can't imagine having to run after two. Take care!!