Friday, April 16, 2010

2 weeks 6 days left.

Not that I am counting.....

Being pregnant with 2 toddlers is exhuasting. Absolutely exhausting. Everyone asks, "How is being pregnant with 1 baby different than 2?" Well, entirely different....the baby has more room to move, so it moves all the time, especially at 3am. My belly is measuring at how many weeks, where as with the twins, I was always 10 weeks ahead. Not as much weight gain. But, those are the pros.

Being pregant when you have toddlers is similar to being tortured. It's hard for me to sit up because the baby's butt is right in my ribs, but sitting down or laying down is basically impossible except at naptime, which you can find me entangled in my body pillow catching up dvr'd shows. Peeing every 5 minutes, I actually comtemplated on getting some Depends...(joking). We've always been pretty busy with activities, park, open gym, play dates, errands, etc..but i haven't left the house since Wednesday. We played outside yesterday bc it was so nice out and I even was crazy enough to do yard work!! Crazy, but it was exhausting. My hips hurt. I can't lift Cash up into his crib, so I just lift and drop him in....he likes it. My back hurts. I finally did find new cleaning ladies that are's been difficult to find ones I like. It's such a treat to have a clean house every 2 weeks. I can keep up with laundry, picking up and cleaning the kitchen. It's been such a relief. I love it.

Cash is getting his molars and has a cold, so sleeping at night hasn't happend for the past few nights. Poor Cashy is such a trooper and it's so much easier when your child can tell what he/she wants. Like he'll say, "mouth hurts", or "I'm sick", and the best part that just melts my heart....after I give him his medicine, (he takes a wheezing medicine bc when he gets sick, it's hard for him to breath), he'll say "Thank you Mom." So cute. He woke up with a puddle of bloody drool on his pillow last night, so sad. He had a fever of 102, but he was a champ. He didn't even cry, he was just up talking loudly, so Travis took him on the couch and then Presley wanted to get up. This happened the night before also. Ahhh...i might as well get used to the sleepless nights.

So, in the next few weeks, there might be a lot of Nick Jr. playing and movie watching in my bed with the twinnies....I feel guilty, but I just don't have the energy. Plus, Travis is busy coaching baseball and he's starting a bunch of houses right now, so he's busy and not getting home until late.

I know...long post, no pics. Boring.

On a side note: Is dinner time with toddlers always the most annoying part of the day? Seriously. They don't eat and throw their food. I think I might loose it! I miss the days when all they had was a bottle....this new baby is going to be a breeze (I hope)!