Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Weekend.

We had a fun filled weekend this Easter. We visited the Easter Bunny at Suncadia on Saturday. Got dressed up.

Tried to get them pose together...which is impossible!

Practicing before the bunny arrived. Presley HATED the bunny, so once again, like the Santa pic, I am in the picture. I think we got a good one.

We had Travis's family over on Saturday for food and egg coloring. The twins stayed up till 10pm playing with cousins. They had so much fun!

Presley, Taylor, Cash and Samarra.

Easter baskets Sunday Morning. We spent the morning with just us. I made a big breakfast and we played and watched movies.

This is the outfit Presley wanted to wear on Easter Sunday. She threw a HUGE tantrum for at least 30 minutes when I changed her into her dress. It was fun!

Quite the fashionista.

Then we went to Travis's parents house for the egg hunt and dinner.

It was so windy and cold, but they loved every minute. This year the twins really got into it.

The little ones after the hunt.

Presley was telling us that the horses were taking a nap. We had to be quiet.
It was so cold.

This is at 6:30pm. After we got home, cleaned them up, they layed in bed to watch the rest of the baseball game with Travis. They were passed out in 5 minutes. This is what happens with no nap. They slept until 7:30am. Easter was exhausting!