Friday, April 2, 2010

After Dinner Fun.

Cash is OBSESSED with baseball. I mean seriously OBSESSED. He plays all day. We had just gotten back from the EHS game and it was faaaaareeezzzzzzzing....hence his poor little wind-chapped cheeks. He takes watching baseball very seriously. He even sets down his cheese stick or licorice to clap. It's the cutest thing ever. Everytime a someone hits, he says, "Hey, he hit. Did you see that?" "He hit far." "He run fast." It's hilarious. Can't wait to take him to Mariner games. He doesn't even need the T-stand to hit. Travis pitches the ball and Cash just smacks it. Hopefully it'll pan out, we've got 3 kids that will be in college at the same time...we need some scholarships.

Naked, a straw hat, a book and a chainsaw....interesting combination w/ a little speghetti on her face.

Presley isn't particularily into sports, she's more of a dancer/singer. As Cash plays baseball, she stands and claps and says, "Go Cashy!" It's so cute how she cheers for him. I love it. Just like her momma. She's super smart, so she'll definately get a academic scholarship!


Brieanne said...

Glad to see Riley isn't the only one who LOVES to be naked! Love that Cash is a bball fan - so cute!