Wednesday, January 27, 2010

3rd Trimester!

2 down, 1 more to go. Feeling good still. Fell in love all over again with my body pillow. I am so over being pregnant though and can't wait to get my tubes tied. I can't believe I am going to have 3 kids.....3 kids. Not two, 3. Crazy.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Goose Egg.

This was a few days after the incident. Cash decided it'd be a super fun idea to throw an ENORMOUS tantrum (one of the many that pretty much happen on a daily basis) at the public library during storytime. As I was taking him out to the lobby so he could calm down, he decided to bash his forehead into the door handle. I am pretty sure people think I beat my child, which lately, I have been thinking about it. This however, was self inflicted. Minutes later, a bump emerged about 1/4" from his forhead. No joke. Now the bruise has gone from black to blue to green and now it's a yellowish color. Then this morning he decided to smash his eye against the table at the restaurant we were at, so he now has a matching bump right next to his eye. It's quite lovely having a 2 year old. It's probably a good thing I am pregnant and can't drink right now, I'd probably be one of those mothers buzzed by lunchtime...joking, kinda.

Future MLBer??

Already this little man is obsessed with sports. Travis is happy he's right handed, considering both Trav and I are left handed. I am crossing my fingers that he'll take after his daddy. For those who know me.....sports was not my thing. The hats messed up my bangs and I hated to get dirty.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Getting Big.

The twins are getting so big, it's so difficult to hold them at the same time. Just love love love them. Such perfect little babies.
This is what I look like on a daily basis...sweats and a giant afro. Hawt!!!!

Great Wolf Lodge.

On our trip to Portland last month, we drove past the Great Wolf Lodge and it gave me the idea to book a night before the little munchkin makes its arrival. It was such a good time. The water park is super clean and very little kid friendly. It was the twinnies first time in a hotel and I would give Presley a 90% and Cash a 70%. I think the overstimulation of everything and not a very long nap made Cash very cranky on Thursday. We stayed only 1 night, which was perfect. We played in the water park on Thursday and Friday. Watching some shows after the water park, eating a snack.

Getting ready for Starbucks (yes, they have starbucks in the lobby!) in the morning.

Day 2 of the water park.

Trying to get some cute pics of the twins. It's nearly impossible anymore.

They provide lifejackets. Presley loved to wade and splash around. She was not into going down the water slides or getting splashed.

Cash wanted to go down all the water slides. He would get really mad that he wasn't 48 inches tall to go down the "big" kid slides.
We will definately be going back!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

24 weeks...already!

Whew...that went by fast. 6 months and ticking......

Had my appt last week. The doc said he'd do a c-section for sure at 38.5 weeks, so May 6th or so. Basically less than 4 months. So, you ask what I have done to get ready for the little bundle of joy? Nada. Actually, I bought 2 outfits. The baby needs new outfits first right? Other than than, we'll pretty much wing it. I won't have a nursery. The twins are perfectly set in their cribs still and taking 3-4 hour naps and sleeping through the dare I interrupt their perfect little sleep pattern to move them to a big kid bed? So, the baby will sleep in a play n pak. I plan to buy a super spiffy one with a built in bassinet and that will be the nursery for the time being. I'll wheel it from room to room.

Oh, we've settled on names for both boy and girl, but those shall remain a secret until the day of arrival......

Belly is slowly poking out. I gained a whole lotta weight during the holidays, numbers also shall remain a secret. Holy christmas cookies...damn you. Oh, and pizza and movie theater popcorn (I went to a double feature-2 movies back to back--so funn!!). Why can't I crave carrots or salads? I've cut myself off of sugar. I've been doing OK. I snuck in some mini oreos.

Other than that, just hanging in there with two 2 year olds. Tantrums are my new worst enemy, the ones that they just throw their limp bodies on the floor and scream at the top of their lungs, so that all people look at you like you are beating your child. That and whining. Whining makes me cringe. It will put me in the nut house, I swear. Oh, candy at the checkout stand was soon discovered. M&Ms can do wonders. Yep, I bribe my children and don't feel bad one minute. I figure I brush their teeth.

We are off the Great Wolf Lodge tomorrow for a little family vacation. I am super excited! Now, I must try on all my bathing suits to try to figure out which ones will fit my top Pale, pregnant and in a bathing suit. Can't wait.

Saturday, January 9, 2010


On New Year's Day we headed to Seattle so Travis could go to the Seahawk game with the my dad and brother. So, we took advantage of the year pass that my mom bought us and ventured to the Aquarium.

Presley loved touching all the sea creatures. Cash was a little more hesitant.


Cash loved the seals and it was feeding time.

Presley and Grandma watching the seals being fed.

Presley waiting to get hands washed.

Lunch at the Crab Pot.

Topped off with the carousel.

New Year's Eve.

New Year's Eve is spent really different if you have children and/or pregnant that's for sure! We had a nice and relaxing celebration at our friends, the Smith's. We ate, drank and played. It's hard to get good pics of both me and the kids. We tried, but obviously failed. Cash was mad. We were getting ready to leave and he'd been too much of a party animal.
Ryder, Cooper, and Cash eating ice cream.

Daddy and Sissy eating ice cream.

Ryder and Presley. They love each other. We spend at least 3 days a week with Ryder, so they are just wild animals when together.
We set off fireworks, which Cash LOVED! Ate pizza (hence all the freaking weight gain this holiday season!). And were home by 11:30, enough time to watch the ball drop and pass out. 2009 was definately a good year, but with the new addition to the Gibson household this spring, i can guarentee that 2010 will be better. Resolultions........hmmmm, since my body is being taken over by this precious little baby inside of me it's pointless to even begin to diet or exercise more, so I would say, my resolution is to get these twins potty trained by May, so I won' t have 3 shitty diapers to change.

Happy 2010.


Luckily we live in an area that gets snow pretty consistant through the winter, so the twinnies can enjoy it. They are slowly warming up to snow, Cash wore his mittens and Presley actually got snow on her snow boots. If you looking for a good cardio workout, I suggest pulling two toddlers on a sled. It gets you worn out.
I know I am soooo pretty. It was 10am and I feel like a whale.

They loved loved loved it. I on the other hand was sore and exhuasted. I handed them off to daddy.