Wednesday, January 13, 2010

24 weeks...already!

Whew...that went by fast. 6 months and ticking......

Had my appt last week. The doc said he'd do a c-section for sure at 38.5 weeks, so May 6th or so. Basically less than 4 months. So, you ask what I have done to get ready for the little bundle of joy? Nada. Actually, I bought 2 outfits. The baby needs new outfits first right? Other than than, we'll pretty much wing it. I won't have a nursery. The twins are perfectly set in their cribs still and taking 3-4 hour naps and sleeping through the dare I interrupt their perfect little sleep pattern to move them to a big kid bed? So, the baby will sleep in a play n pak. I plan to buy a super spiffy one with a built in bassinet and that will be the nursery for the time being. I'll wheel it from room to room.

Oh, we've settled on names for both boy and girl, but those shall remain a secret until the day of arrival......

Belly is slowly poking out. I gained a whole lotta weight during the holidays, numbers also shall remain a secret. Holy christmas cookies...damn you. Oh, and pizza and movie theater popcorn (I went to a double feature-2 movies back to back--so funn!!). Why can't I crave carrots or salads? I've cut myself off of sugar. I've been doing OK. I snuck in some mini oreos.

Other than that, just hanging in there with two 2 year olds. Tantrums are my new worst enemy, the ones that they just throw their limp bodies on the floor and scream at the top of their lungs, so that all people look at you like you are beating your child. That and whining. Whining makes me cringe. It will put me in the nut house, I swear. Oh, candy at the checkout stand was soon discovered. M&Ms can do wonders. Yep, I bribe my children and don't feel bad one minute. I figure I brush their teeth.

We are off the Great Wolf Lodge tomorrow for a little family vacation. I am super excited! Now, I must try on all my bathing suits to try to figure out which ones will fit my top Pale, pregnant and in a bathing suit. Can't wait.


Brieanne said...

Katie you have to tell me how Great Wolf is for you guys!! I've been wanting to take Riley but wasn't sure how she'd like it!