Sunday, January 24, 2010

Goose Egg.

This was a few days after the incident. Cash decided it'd be a super fun idea to throw an ENORMOUS tantrum (one of the many that pretty much happen on a daily basis) at the public library during storytime. As I was taking him out to the lobby so he could calm down, he decided to bash his forehead into the door handle. I am pretty sure people think I beat my child, which lately, I have been thinking about it. This however, was self inflicted. Minutes later, a bump emerged about 1/4" from his forhead. No joke. Now the bruise has gone from black to blue to green and now it's a yellowish color. Then this morning he decided to smash his eye against the table at the restaurant we were at, so he now has a matching bump right next to his eye. It's quite lovely having a 2 year old. It's probably a good thing I am pregnant and can't drink right now, I'd probably be one of those mothers buzzed by lunchtime...joking, kinda.