Saturday, January 16, 2010

Great Wolf Lodge.

On our trip to Portland last month, we drove past the Great Wolf Lodge and it gave me the idea to book a night before the little munchkin makes its arrival. It was such a good time. The water park is super clean and very little kid friendly. It was the twinnies first time in a hotel and I would give Presley a 90% and Cash a 70%. I think the overstimulation of everything and not a very long nap made Cash very cranky on Thursday. We stayed only 1 night, which was perfect. We played in the water park on Thursday and Friday. Watching some shows after the water park, eating a snack.

Getting ready for Starbucks (yes, they have starbucks in the lobby!) in the morning.

Day 2 of the water park.

Trying to get some cute pics of the twins. It's nearly impossible anymore.

They provide lifejackets. Presley loved to wade and splash around. She was not into going down the water slides or getting splashed.

Cash wanted to go down all the water slides. He would get really mad that he wasn't 48 inches tall to go down the "big" kid slides.
We will definately be going back!