Saturday, January 9, 2010

New Year's Eve.

New Year's Eve is spent really different if you have children and/or pregnant that's for sure! We had a nice and relaxing celebration at our friends, the Smith's. We ate, drank and played. It's hard to get good pics of both me and the kids. We tried, but obviously failed. Cash was mad. We were getting ready to leave and he'd been too much of a party animal.
Ryder, Cooper, and Cash eating ice cream.

Daddy and Sissy eating ice cream.

Ryder and Presley. They love each other. We spend at least 3 days a week with Ryder, so they are just wild animals when together.
We set off fireworks, which Cash LOVED! Ate pizza (hence all the freaking weight gain this holiday season!). And were home by 11:30, enough time to watch the ball drop and pass out. 2009 was definately a good year, but with the new addition to the Gibson household this spring, i can guarentee that 2010 will be better. Resolultions........hmmmm, since my body is being taken over by this precious little baby inside of me it's pointless to even begin to diet or exercise more, so I would say, my resolution is to get these twins potty trained by May, so I won' t have 3 shitty diapers to change.

Happy 2010.


Heather said...

you are a riot, 3 poopy diapers would blow that's for sure!